Teen couple with Down syndrome crowned prom king and queen

  • A teenage couple with Down Syndrome was chosen by the graduating class to be their prom king and queen.
  • The local community also supported the move by providing the couple a tuxedo, a dress and a limo!
  • The graduating class of Jefferson Forest High School in Virginia nails it when it comes to compassion and inclusion.

The Prom is a special event for a graduating class.  Being crowned King and Queen is an honor and the months leading to the actual revelation of the lucky couple are well-planned and kept a secret.

But for the graduating class of Jefferson Forest High School in Virginia, a teen couple with Down Syndrome was a top choice for prom King and Queen of 2022.

As early as February, senior Zane Wales’ name was already a strong nominee as the Prom King.

As teacher Heather Hevener recalled, “Probably in February or March, I had a few students like, ‘You know what? This year, Zane Wales for prom king — let’s do it! So, they started the campaign on their own, and then, when we asked for nominations, Zane’s name came through.”

Special education teacher Taylor Perkins who works with the teen couple every day also remembered, “A few students were saying, ‘Zane Wales for prom king,’ and Zane and Anna have been together since middle school, so wherever Zane is, Anna’s there too, so it’s fitting for both of them to be prom king and queen.” 

Photo Credit: WSLS

For the couple, it was a complete surprise when their names were announced to be the prom royal couple in front of the whole school. In addition, the local community also rooted for the couple by providing a tuxedo for Zane, a dress for Anna, and a limo to take them to the event.

And what a memorable night it was for the special couple. The school and the community showed the world the true meaning of inclusion.

Photo Credit: WSLS

For Zane, his favorite part of the night was being crowned king while Anna’s was the dancing.

Perkins said, “They’re such fun-loving, free-spirited people, and anybody is lucky to know them, and the school is lucky to have them.”

For all the seniors of Jefferson Forest High School in Virginia, you nailed it!

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