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Happy Tears

Teen’s ‘Silly Socks’ Christmas Drive Warms Toes & Hearts in Senior Homes



Quick Smiles:

  • Elle Gianelli creates and sends colorful, silly socks to seniors in nursing homes.
  • Her project, Socks 4 Seniors, has reached 92 care homes in 48 states so far.
  • For Christmas, Elle aims to send socks to seniors in all 50 states with the help of a GoFundMe campaign.

Elle Gianelli, a high school junior from Stockton, California, has been spreading joy to seniors in nursing and care homes for years by making and sending them colorful socks with silly designs.

Inspired by her close relationship with her grandmother, Elle started the Socks 4 Seniors project back in 7th grade.

So far, Elle has managed to brighten the days of seniors in 92 care homes across 48 states, even making a few pen-pals along the way. With Christmas approaching, she’s determined to send boxes of her cheerful socks to seniors in all 50 states in time for the holiday.

Elle told CBS, “I know they have Toys for Tots and things for kids, you know, and you always seem to forget about seniors. Maybe they don’t have family or maybe they live super far away and they’re only getting like a postcard.”

To make sure these seniors feel the warmth of the holiday season, Elle has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $10,000 for a big sock drive. She has already received 95% of her goal with 19 days left.