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This Vet’s Hysterical Reaction to a Pooch’s Quirky Habit Will Make Your Day!



Quick Smiles:

  • Meet Katie, a not-so-average pup who’s discovered her own superpower: static electricity!
  • This little doggy loves to roll around, build up a charge, and then share it with her owner, Michelle, in the form of a zap.
  • Despite the occasional electronic casualty, Michelle and her family have come to appreciate Katie’s zaps as a unique way she expresses her love.

Katie, the adorable little pup, might seem like your typical dog at first glance, but she’s got a secret up her furry sleeve. This four-legged friend has mastered a skill that puts her on par with comic book superheroes.

Our story begins about half a decade ago when Katie was just hanging out at home with her human, Michelle. After a playful session of rolling around on the carpet, Katie sauntered over to Michelle’s foot for a quick sniff. Then, BAM! A tiny spark of energy, accumulated from her carpet frolic, shot from Katie’s nose to Michelle’s toe.

As Michelle told The Dodo, “Katie taught herself the basic workings of static electricity.”

Following that initial spark, Katie’s tail began to wag with excitement. Even though the zap was surprising, she seemed to absolutely adore it. This sparked (pun intended) more carpet rolling and, consequently, more zaps.

According to Michelle, “She got better at building charges. The zaps became more noticeable to the point where you could hear the static cracking in her fur before she zapped you. It became pretty obvious it was intentional.”

Fast forward to today, and Katie’s zaps are simply a part of everyday life for Michelle and her family.

“She’ll just casually walk up to us and greet us with a zap — whatever charge she’s recently built up,” Michelle shared. “We’ll usually thank her: ‘Thanks for the zap, Katie. Very much appreciated.’”


Michelle is pretty convinced that Katie thinks everyone enjoys her zapping, even though her special power has had a few hiccups. Once, her zap caused Michelle’s laptop to go haywire, and another time, it broke an e-reader.

Michelle confessed, “We now do our best to keep the newer, more expensive electronics out of zapping range from her.”

Just to make sure Katie’s love for static wasn’t a sign of some unhealthy obsession, Michelle filled her vet in on Katie’s shocking habit. She even shared a video of Katie’s zaps.

Instead of worrying, the vet couldn’t stop laughing:

Hi [Redacted],

I have never heard of that behavior before and that video was so funny! As for it being an OCD like behavior, we usually only worry about it if you are unable to interrupt the behavior. Dogs who have OCD can not be stopped of the behavior easily and oftentimes owners have to let them ride out the episode. Based on your description you guys can easily stop her if needed so I wouldn’t be too concerned. I think she just learned a fun behavior and enjoys doing it when she has the chance. That being said I would not let her do it for a long period of time just in case the current gets a bit strong.

So I would say that it is likely not that serious, and you did indeed bring a nice smile to our team.

All the best,
Dr. [Redacted]

This electrifying little dog continues to zap Michelle and her family multiple times a day, like clockwork. It’s something they’ve come to anticipate and, in a way, cherish as a sign of affection.

“She seems to honestly enjoy the sensations. In fact, the bigger the zap, the faster her tail wags, and she’ll run off to try build a bigger charge in those cases,” Michelle said. “She seems to think the zaps bring us as much happiness as it does her, so we’re typically happy to oblige and give her a head scratch. Dogs are so precious, each one filled with their own special quirks.”