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Video: Dog’s Adorable Ploy To Get More Treats



Quick Smiles:

  • Rhubarb the dog uses puppy dog eyes to get more treats
  • Video of Rhubarb’s tactic goes viral with over 902,000 views
  • Research shows that dogs’ facial features have evolved to manipulate humans

Dogs are known for their intelligence and ability to manipulate their owners’ feelings, and Rhubarb, a pit bull and Labrador mix, is no exception. Rhubarb’s owner shared a video of her hiding behind the couch and giving puppy dog eyes, which has captured the internet’s attention.

In the video, on-screen text explains that Rhubarb has learned that hiding after her dad hurts her feelings makes him feel extra bad, leading to more treats. The video, shared on @rhubarbthedoggo, has garnered over 902,000 views since February 6.


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The reason for Rhubarb’s upset? Her owner’s fiancé, Joe, ate chocolate without offering any to her. While chocolate is toxic to dogs, Rhubarb doesn’t know that. Hailee, Rhubarb’s owner, says they share dog-safe meals and snacks with her so she can “enjoy the finer things in life.”

Hailee, who lives on Vancouver Island, describes Rhubarb as a “sensitive, active, anxious, smart, stubborn girl” who loves cuddles and being cozy. She adds that Rhubarb is treated like a princess in their home, so her trickery is no surprise.

Rhubarb’s video has received more than 57,000 likes, and in the comments, Hailee assures other users that her pet “never gets yelled at” and is treated like royalty. She also shares that Rhubarb is “spoiled with love every day” and gets cuddles “all night.”


One user commented, “Clever girl, she knows how to play the extra treat game,” while another called her a “strategic queen.”

Research supports the idea that dogs can manipulate their owners. A study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) suggests that human preference has influenced the evolution of dog facial features, particularly “puppy dog eyes.” Domestic dogs have a muscle that raises the inner eyebrow, which wolves lack, and dogs use this feature more often and more intensely than wolves do. Dogs with “puppy dog eyes” were likely more highly selected by humans.