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[VIDEO]: French Bulldog’s Hilarious Bus Ride



Quick Smiles:

  • A French bulldog took a bus ride and couldn’t stop expressing its excitement.
  • The chatty pup quickly became a sensation among the passengers and on TikTok, with over 6 million likes.
  • TikTok users praised the dog’s manners and advocated for its right to express itself.

This adorable French bulldog recently had an adventure of a lifetime and made sure everyone was in on the fun. Not every day do you come across such a vocal little pup, but today, you’re in for a treat. Get ready for some giggles as we dive into this delightful clip.

The chatty Frenchie didn’t take long to become the center of attention. Among the amused bus passengers was an elderly woman who seemed to find the dog’s vocalizations particularly entertaining. The pup’s enthusiastic chatter was a source of amusement and joy for everyone on board.

But the bus passengers weren’t the only ones who fell for this expressive pup. The clip of the gabbing Frenchie has taken the internet by storm, garnering over 6 million likes on TikTok. It’s safe to say that this little guy has become quite the sensation!

TikTok users couldn’t resist expressing their love for this talkative dog in the comments. One fan appreciated the pup’s manners, saying, “I love that he is not screaming like in the streets. He is a good boy who knows to use an inside voice.”

Another fan saw the dog’s chatter as a form of advocacy, stating, “See he’s bringing up important issues. Let him speak.” It seems this Frenchie’s gabbing has sparked a conversation about pet empowerment!

But this chatty Frenchie isn’t the only one tickling people’s funny bones on TikTok. There’s another Frenchie who doesn’t vocalize as much but sure knows how to bust a move! These French bulldogs are proof that pets can be just as entertaining, if not more, than humans.


So, what’s the funniest thing your pet has ever done? These Frenchies have set the bar pretty high, but we’re sure your furry friends have their own unique ways of making you smile.