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Video: Moose Joins Skiers at Resort, Thrilling Chase Ensues



Quick Smiles:

  • Moose on the loose at Jackson Hole Resort
  • Skiers and snowboarders outrun the charging moose
  • Everyone remains unharmed in the thrilling encounter

A wild moose recently decided to join in on the fun at Jackson Hole Resort in Wyoming! In a video shared on Facebook by Billy Fohey, the large animal can be seen racing past skiers and snowboarders, charging down the slope.

Fohey captioned the post, “Nothing like [taking] a corner and almost hitting a moose 10ft from you then watching it chase your buddy down the hill.” His friends Alex Momot and Kenneth William Rynearson were also part of the thrilling encounter.

Thankfully, everyone managed to outrun the moose, and no one was harmed. “We out-ran the moose, and nobody was harmed,” Momot said of the wild animal encounter with his friends.

Fohey told Good Morning America, “I caught a little bit of air, and the moose was within 10 feet of me. I was moving pretty fast.” He added that he was “surprised” to see the animal, which he knew could be “very aggressive, especially out in the wild.”

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources advises giving moose space if you encounter them in the wild. If a moose charges at you, they recommend hiding behind something solid (like a tree) or trying to get inside a vehicle or building.


This Wyoming moose incident follows a similar event in Colorado last September, where a cow moose charged at a woman walking her leashed dog. The woman and her dog both suffered injuries but were able to receive medical attention.