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WATCH — Kind Stranger Returns Lost Purse To Owner



Quick Smiles:

  • A kind stranger returns a lost purse to its owner, captured on a ring camera.
  • The owner, Georgia Girelli, is relieved and tries to reward the good samaritan, but he refuses.
  • The man, a firefighter, encourages Georgia to “pay it forward” and do something nice for the next person.

In a delightful exchange caught on a ring camera, an Englishwoman named Georgia Girelli was pleasantly surprised when a stranger stopped by to return her lost purse.

Georgia was, in her own words, “literally crying” over the missing bag, likely dreading the endless paperwork and security checks she’d have to go through to replace her bank cards, driver’s license, and other identity documents.

The kind stranger, who couldn’t be thanked face-to-face as Georgia was at a friend’s house at the time, had a short chat with her through the doorbell camera’s intercom.

His accent suggested he might be from the Merseyside area, and he shared that he had considered returning the purse in the morning, but remembered how upset his girlfriend had been when she lost her purse on a night out.

In a display of gratitude, Georgia tried her best to reward the good samaritan. She asked for his phone number and bank details, and even suggested he take some money from the purse. However, the man, who revealed he was a firefighter, refused all of it.

In a moment that would make anyone’s day a little brighter, the firefighter simply asked Georgia to “pay it forward.” He didn’t need any reward for his good deed, he said. Instead, he encouraged her to “do something nice for the next person.”

Stranger finds lost bag and returns it to the owner
byu/Solo_Odyssey inMadeMeSmile

This uplifting exchange on a dark porch in England is a beautiful reminder of the kindness that exists in the world. So, go ahead and share this story, and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone to “pay it forward” too.