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Web Goes Wild for Kitten’s Adorable Heart-Shaped Face Fuzz



Quick Smiles:

  • A ginger kitten named Orc has captured the internet’s attention with his unique face.
  • Orc’s face resembles a character from the 2009 film Avatar, thanks to his wide face and extra tufts of fur.
  • Adopting less-adoptable pets, such as those with disabilities or unusual appearances, is important for giving them a loving home.

Meet Orc, a ginger kitten with an unusual face that has taken the internet by storm! Orc’s owner, Lauren Ripley (@laurenkimrupley), shared a video of the adorable feline, which has since been viewed over 578,000 times.

Orc’s slightly wider-than-average face and extra tufts of fur on either side of his nose give him the look of a character from the 2009 film Avatar.

The video caption reads, “When no one wanted the kitten with the funny face so I did.”

While most healthy kittens have no trouble finding a forever home, pets with disabilities, health problems, or senior cats often struggle to get adopted. That’s why the third week of December is known as ‘Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet’ week, where shelters and sanctuaries promote animals that need a little extra help finding a home.


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According to pet resource site The Spruce Pets, one reason a pet might be considered less adoptable is their appearance. It’s important to get to know a pet’s personality, not just their looks or breed reputation. Cats with disabilities, such as missing limbs, also face challenges in finding a home. Pet products brand Purina states that disabled cats can still make wonderful pets, and owners should closely monitor their weight and activity levels.


Users on social media have fallen in love with Orc’s unique appearance, with comments such as “What funny face, all I see is a sweet angel,” and “It’s like a heart on her head.”

Another user wrote, “Ok I see everyone thought of Avatar. And he’s ADORABLE.”