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Whiskers of Love: The Heartwarming Story Behind a Cat Mom’s 7-Year Collection



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  • Laura Kay, a cat mom from Ontario, Canada, has been collecting her cat Dexter’s shed whiskers for the past seven years, considering them as sentimental keepsakes and a symbol of their strong bond.
  • Cat whiskers serve various purposes, acting as sensitive sensory organs and body balancers for cats. VCA Animal Hospitals advises gentle interaction with whiskers and cautions against pulling or disturbing them.
  • Sharing her whisker collection on social media, Kay found comfort in connecting with fellow cat lovers who also collect their pets’ shed whiskers. The overwhelmingly positive response reassured her and highlighted the significance of the human-animal bond in people’s lives.

In the world of pet owners, there are countless ways to express love and preserve cherished memories.

For Laura Kay, a cat mom from Ontario, Canada, that special keepsake comes in the form of her cat Dexter’s shed whiskers.

Kay has been collecting these tiny treasures for the past seven years, and she recently shared the heartfelt reason behind her unique memento.

Since adopting Dexter as a kitten, Kay has stumbled upon his shed whiskers around the house.

Instead of discarding them, she saw them as meaningful tokens and decided to hold onto them as keepsakes.

As she told Newsweek, “I recall finding them around the house periodically, and at first I would just put them on my nightstand. Eventually, I began placing them in a box, and after seven years, I have quite a few of them in there.”


Discovering one of Dexter’s whiskers brings joy to Kay’s day, and she sees it as a symbol of the strong bond they share.

It’s a simple yet profound reminder of the love and companionship they have experienced together over the years.


Cat whiskers, as VCA Animal Hospitals explains, serve multiple purposes beyond being an adorable facial feature.

These sensitive sensory organs are as responsive to touch as a human’s fingertips, enabling cats to explore their surroundings by brushing objects with their faces.

Whiskers also act as body balancers, helping cats maintain their stability and navigate their environment with grace.

While it’s natural for cats to shed whiskers as new ones grow in their place, VCA Animal Hospitals advises against pulling or disturbing these delicate structures. Gentle interaction is key when it comes to whisker-related affection.

Inspired to share her heartwarming ritual, Kay decided to turn to social media to connect with fellow cat lovers and discover if they, too, collect their feline friends’ shed whiskers.


To her delight, she found that she was not alone in her sentimental gesture. Kay’s post on TikTok (@dexterboycat) received over 614,000 views, 77,000 likes, and an outpouring of support from the online community.

The overwhelming positive response has brought comfort and reassurance to Kay and others who have felt misunderstood or made fun of for their whisker-collecting habits.

The comments section overflowed with stories of similar whisker collections, each with its own creative storage method, such as tiny glass vases, shot glasses, necklaces, jewelry, boxes, glass ornaments, and miniature coffee cups.

This shared appreciation reflects the deep significance of the human-animal bond and how our beloved companion animals become integral parts of our lives.

Laura Kay’s heartwarming story serves as a beautiful testament to the love and connection we share with our furry companions.

Whiskers, once thought of as mere remnants, have taken on a profound meaning for Kay and countless other cat lovers worldwide—a tangible reminder of the joy, comfort, and treasured moments they have shared with their feline friends.