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White Cat Dyes Herself Almost Black With Soot



  • Cami the cat loves trouble and she decided to help her dad clean the furnace by rolling on the soot-covered floor.
  • The once white cat was entirely covered in soot which turned her fur into almost black.
  • She still has silver gray fur even with repeated baths.

Rachel Roy describes Cami the cat’s personality as dramatic ever since she was a kitten. “She needs to be the center of attention all the time,” she adds and does not allow any opportunity to cause trouble.

And so, when her dad decided to clean the furnace, she decided to help.

Roy recalled, “My husband was cleaning the furnace and our shop vac backed up and everything that was in it decided to go on the basement floor.”  And that is when Cami saw an opportunity to have some fun.

Photo Credit: Rachel Roy

Cami’s idea of helping out was to roll around the mess when her dad was not looking.  That is when she got her white fur all covered in soot! What was once a white cat has now become almost black! 

Roy could not believe what she saw and had to do a double take when Cami went upstairs. And she could not help but laugh at another one of Cami’s involvement.

But for theatrical Cami, nothing was different about her fur.

Photo Credit: Rachel Roy

Roy said, “She just came up rolled around and meows like she always does, she honestly had no care in the world.”

Until it was bath time.  That is when she realized that her instant makeover was not pleasing anymore. 

Roy said, “She is not one for the bath, she was displeased as we took her for her walk of shame to the bathtub.”  And her being a little overweight prevented her from jumping out of the tub even though she tried.

Photo Credit: Rachel Roy

Cami’s roll in the soot has left a mark even with several baths.  Her fur is still not back to being white but silver gray.  And Cami still does not care because she knows she is cute, white haired or whatever the color of her fur is.

Source: The Dodo