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Wholesome Video Of Dog Discovering The Joy of Yard Living



Quick Smiles:

  • A miniature Australian shepherd named Reese, who had only known apartment living, gets to experience a house with a yard for the first time.
  • Reese’s owners, Erin Ramirez and Joseph Brennan, shared the pup’s joyous reaction on TikTok, garnering over 6.4 million views and 1.4 million likes.
  • Despite the challenges of apartment living, Reese’s owners believe he would be “truly happy wherever his people are.”

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For more than a year, a miniature Australian shepherd named Reese had only known the confines of an apartment building. So, when he got to see his new home, complete with a yard to frolic in, his reaction was priceless.

Apartment living can be a challenge, a fact Erin Ramirez and Joseph Brennan discovered when they brought home 9-week-old Reese. Training a puppy in a limited space was no easy task, and as Ramirez shared with Newsweek, “it was a really hard adjustment” initially.

Without a yard, potty training was less than ideal, and the couple had to ensure Reese got enough exercise by going on extra long walks daily. However, after 14 months, Ramirez and Brennan found their dream home in Georgetown, Texas, and eagerly anticipated Reese’s response.

“Running up and down stairs during potty training and making sure he was safe during those first couple of months was hard,” Ramirez admitted. “He didn’t know much other than apartment living, and although he didn’t have the freedom to run outside in a yard, it was manageable, and we went on 1-to-3-mile walks daily.”


She continued, “But seeing him run around his own yard and find his little sleeping nooks has been very fulfilling. We are so excited to continue to document his journey of living in his very own home and having a yard.”

After capturing Reese’s joyous exploration of their new home on film, the couple couldn’t resist sharing the moment on social media. On March 5, they posted what they called “the most wholesome video” on TikTok (@reesetheminiaussie), and the response has been overwhelming, with over 6.4 million views and more than 1.4 million likes at the time of writing. Ramirez described the reaction as “unreal.”

The video has also elicited over 6,200 comments, with many viewers expressing their emotional response to Reese’s joy. One comment reads: “I’m crying, I’m so happy for this dog.” Another TikToker wrote: “The way he kept looking back at you two for validation.” Yet another person commented: “He ran in there like a kid running to pick their room.”

In just a few days, Reese has made himself at home, quickly finding “his favorite spots to sleep” and spending time observing his new neighbors from the windows. Ramirez added that their property overlooks a nearby pasture, providing Reese with the opportunity to “watch the cows all day long.”

Ramirez takes great joy in seeing her furry friend adjust to his new surroundings, with so much more space to explore. She also believes that Reese would be “truly happy wherever his people are.”

“We never expected so much to come from sharing a very intimate moment within our little family,” she said. “We have received many incredible comments and messages. Reese is easily the best thing to happen in my life. He has made it exponentially better, and I can’t wait to keep giving him everything he deserves and more.”