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Woman donates kidney to husband’s ex-wife, just 2 days after their wedding



  • Debby Neal-Strickland got married with Jim Strickland, whose ex-wife, Mylaen Merthe, had kidney disease.
  • Just 48 hours after their wedding, Debby donated her kidney to Mylaen!
  • The two — who weren’t really close before then, but were getting along fine — became “kidney sisters” after the successful operation!

If this isn’t genuine love, I don’t know what is.

Debby Neal-Strickland married the love of her life, Jim Strickland. The two have been a devoted couple for a decade, with six foster children and grandkids.

It was natural for the bride and the groom to be showered with many gifts on their wedding day, but wasn’t usual was the bride giving something big to someone — and Debby did this exactly.

Just two days after tying the knot, Debby donated her kidney to no other than Jim’s ex-wife, Mylaen Merthe, who had long suffered from kidney disease.

Photo Credit: Mylaen Merthe/Good News Network

Jim and Mylaen maintained a cordial relationship, raising their two kids harmoniously. Debby and Mylaen weren’t close, but they were getting along fine. That could be how their relationship would end, until Debby decided to turn things around and donate her kidney.

Debby knew that Mylaen’s chance of survival was decreasing every day, with her kidneys just functioning at 8% of normal capacity. She thought of Mylaen’s pregnant daughter and the baby she carries, and told herself that she won’t allow them to experience this loss when she could do something about it.

Debby also knew that time was crucial in Mylaen’s situation, as she lost her brother to cystic fibrosis while waiting for a lung transplant. So, Debby took the necessary steps and scheduled the surgery just 48 hours after she exchanged vows with her husband.

“It was the most amazing day of my life, until two days later. That was also the most amazing day of my life,” Debby told Fox News.

The operation was successful, giving birth to a new bond and friendship between Debby and Mylaen, who now call themselves as “kidney sisters.”

“This is what the world is about. Family. We need to stick together,” Mylaen told FOX. “She saved my life.”


Source: Good News Network