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Happiest Amputee Dog Walks On Two Legs [Video]



  • Cora’s legs were amputated after it was broken in an accident — which she was probably hit by a car.
  • The dog rescue manager, Zack Skow, decided to adopt Rose and give her a chance.
  • Now Rose is the happiest pup you’ll ever met despite having only two hind legs!

Cora Rose was rushed to the emergency with her front legs badly broken from an accident, probably hit by a car. The veterinarian worked hard to save them but unfortunately, the damage was so bad they were left with no choice but to amputate them. 

The dog rescue manager, Zack Skow, decided to adopt Rose so he could take care of her further. It was a very slow recovery process, but it was all worth it! Rose now is living the best time of her life!

“The vet wanted us to euthanize her, but I’ve taken in many two-legged dogs over the years and I knew she could get better,” Zach said.

Cora was clearly depressed after her surgery knowing that her life would never be the same again. She had to re-learn how to walk and how to use that little wheelchair, which is not easy to do at all.

Photo Credit: Zack Skow

Slowly but surely, she became accustomed to it  and eventually she was able to learn how to move around without the wheelchair. Now, she stands with her hind legs, hops around with them, and climbs upstairs alone with no problem!

“She has never met a person or a pet she doesn’t want to be friends with,” Zach said.

Photo Credit: Zack Skow

Cora also has an Instagram account filled with beautiful photos and videos of her which her dad always accompanies them with lovely captions.

“I wonder how different this world would be if we all looked at adversity like what it really is — opportunity!” he wrote in the caption of one of the posts. “Because she stuck with life on life’s terms, she may have lost her legs but she has gained a life beyond her wildest dreams!”

She is the most lively and positive pup we have ever met and we are happy that despite her circumstances, she finds joy in living and shares it with us!

Source: Inspire More