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YouTuber’s Pet Fish Accidentally Commits Fraud



Quick Smiles:

  • Japanese YouTuber’s pet fish accidentally commit credit card fraud
  • Fish were playing Pokémon on Nintendo Switch during live stream
  • Nintendo grants refund after owner explains the situation

A Japanese YouTuber experienced an unexpected twist when his pet fish accidentally committed credit card fraud during a live stream on the Mutekimaru Channel. This YouTube channel is known for its entertaining videos of fish playing video games on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to motion detection tracking software that follows the fish as they swim and inputs commands based on their positions.

During a live stream of fish playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, things took a surprising turn when Mutekimaru stepped away for a moment. The video game crashed, but the gaming system continued to track the fish’s movements. This led them to the Nintendo Store, where users can purchase games and other downloadable content.

The fish swam in a way that allowed them to access the store, exit, and re-enter, eventually making a purchase. They ended up charging 500 Yen (about $3.85) to a credit card saved on the Switch account. Unfortunately, the fish also exposed the owner’s credit card information to the public during the live stream, as reported by Techspot.

In addition to the purchase, the fish downloaded the N64 emulator and used gold coins from the owner’s Nintendo shop to buy a golfing digital cosmetic from Nintendo Switch Sports, according to Kotaku.

When Mutekimaru discovered the incident, he contacted Nintendo, explained the situation, and requested a refund. Thankfully, the company granted his request, as mentioned by Techspot.

The Mutekimaru Channel has had success in the past with fish completing a Pokémon game. In 2020, Mutekimaru’s fish managed to finish Pokémon Sapphire in over 3,000 hours, as reported by Gizmodo.


To ensure the fish’s well-being, the team of aquatic gamers is switched out every 12 hours, according to the YouTube channel.