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7th Graders Roast Their Teacher in Hilarious Video



Quick Smiles:

  • A 7th-grade class hilariously roasts their teacher on his TikTok channel.
  • Students suggest outrageous Christmas gifts for their almost 30-year-old teacher, including a wife, kids, and life insurance.
  • The teacher takes the playful roasting in stride, providing a unique glimpse into teen life.

Despite the unfortunate trimming of school district budgets that led to the removal of Home Economics, it seems students are still finding ways to cook up a storm. In this case, it’s a roast of their teacher in a 7th-grade class.

This isn’t your traditional roast, though. It’s a playful, hilarious, and slightly brutal roast that will have you chuckling in no time.

The teacher, who has built a strong rapport with his students, runs a TikTok channel that entertains both adults and students. In a recent video, he asked his students what they would buy for someone who was almost 30 for Christmas. The responses were nothing short of comical.

From the back of the classroom, a small voice suggested “a wife and kids.” Before the teacher could even process this answer, another student chimed in with “a life.”

Yes, middle school kids can indeed be brutal, but it’s all in good fun.

But the students weren’t done. They continued to offer suggestions, including hearing aids, body deodorant, wine, life insurance, and even a style upgrade (we can’t help but agree with this one). One student even suggested a wedding ring and urged him to propose to Ms. Amanda!

As the roasting continued, the suggestions became even more outrageous. Retirement fund, a therapist, and wrinkles were all on the list. Finally, one student suggested socks, the only practical gift among the bunch.


The teacher’s reactions to his students’ suggestions were priceless. He was shocked, amused, and maybe a little bit scared. But he took it all in stride. After all, from a young teen’s perspective, being 30 means you’re practically ancient.

This video is a testament to the teacher’s unique approach and gives us a fascinating glimpse into the world of teens. It’s a delightful roast that will leave you smiling. And who knows? Maybe the wedding ring for Ms. Amanda might just have a deeper meaning. We’ll have to wait for future videos to find out.

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