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Above and Beyond: Fearless Woman Scales Pole to Rescue Trapped Possum



Quick Smiles:

  • A volunteer from Peel Marsupial Care scaled a 19-foot pole to rescue a young possum stuck at the top.
  • With gentle tugging and perseverance, the possum was safely brought down and is now recuperating at the rescuer’s home.
  • The possum will be released back into the wild once he’s fully recovered, thanks to the selfless acts of these brave rescuers.

When a volunteer from Peel Marsupial Care received a distress call about a young possum stuck high atop a nearby pole, she wasted no time in springing to action.

Unable to secure immediate assistance from the local fire station, this fearless rescuer decided to undertake the mission herself.

With her father and several other animal-loving good Samaritans by her side, the brave woman managed to scale a daunting 19-foot pole to reach the frightened marsupial.

To her dismay, the possum was found hanging upside down, crying out for help.

Though unclear how the little critter found himself in such a predicament, it was presumed that he had gotten lost and unfortunately trapped while trying to climb to safety.

“After a lot of gentle tugging and perseverance, they managed to get the poor thing down,” Peel Marsupial Care shared in a Facebook post.

Safely on terra firma, the daring woman took the possum to her home, where she inspected him for injuries, ensured he had plenty of food and water, and began the careful work of nurturing him back to health.


“He didn’t eat for the first two nights, as he was stressed and scared, but is now eating really well,” the possum’s rescuer told The Dodo.

Once his recovery is complete, the plan is to release the possum back into the wild where he belongs.

Free from the danger of the pole and on his way to recovery, this once wayward possum surely must be grateful for the courageous individuals who came to his aid that day.