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Adorable Rescue Dog Greets Neighbor with Full-Body Wiggles [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A Staffordshire bull terrier named Otto in Detroit brought smiles to his neighborhood when his owner, Laura, had to leave him overnight, and a neighbor stepped in to look after him.
  • The heartwarming video of Otto’s ecstatic reaction to his neighbor’s arrival and his time outdoors with her garnered over 349,000 views and over 56,000 likes on TikTok, showcasing the strong bond between neighbors and pets in this supportive community.
  • Laura’s story aligns with a 2021 YouGov poll, demonstrating that a significant percentage of people trust their neighbors, with trust levels increasing with age, and highlighting the importance of community support and love for pets.


We are so lucky to live in a community where friends help you out and also love your dog like their own! #otto#bluestick ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Original Extended Version – Boys Town Gang

Meet Otto, the Staffordshire bull terrier who is bringing smiles to not just his own home, but his entire neighborhood in Detroit!

In a world where we often worry about leaving our pets alone while we’re away, a heartwarming story like Otto’s is a breath of fresh air.

Otto’s owner, Laura, recently shared how the exuberant pup enjoyed his time when she had to take a trip overnight.

Laura was anxious about leaving Otto alone, but lucky for her, she lives in a supportive community where neighbors don’t just watch out for each other—they also look after each other’s pets!

So when Laura had to go away for the night, her neighbor stepped in to check on Otto and let him out for a little outdoor fun.


Otto’s joyful reaction to his neighbor’s arrival was a sight to behold.

A rescue dog with plenty of enthusiasm, Otto didn’t hold back on his happiness when he saw the neighbor at his doorstep.

As Laura shared on her TikTok account (@lchevy6), Otto ran over to the neighbor with his tail wagging so hard it was “banging against every wall”.

That video has now garnered more than 349,000 views and over 56,000 likes.

But it wasn’t just the neighbor who received the full blast of Otto’s affection.

When they let Otto out into the yard, he chose to stay close by, sharing his outdoor time with the neighbor and her son.


In an adorable display of canine pride, Otto even fetched his favorite blue toy to present to his human friends.

The online community fell in love with Otto’s antics.

The TikTok post received more than 200 comments, with users adoring Otto’s full-body wag and his apparent disregard for personal space.

One user charmingly referred to him as “the bestest house hippo”.

Laura’s story underscores the results of a 2021 YouGov poll.

It found that 51% of the participants trust their neighbors, and the trust level increases as people age, reaching 62% in the 55-and-over age group.


Otto and Laura’s experience certainly bear out these findings and show us the magic of community living—friends stepping in to help each other, and the pets they love.

Laura expressed her gratitude for her supportive community, and how lucky she feels to live where neighbors not only help you out but also “love your dog like their own.”

And from Otto’s reaction, it seems he definitely feels the same way!

As for any concerns about leaving Otto alone, Laura reassures everyone that Otto’s stay was “no different than leaving him during the day.”

The experience was clearly a positive one for Otto and has left viewers worldwide with a smile.

Otto, here’s a virtual pat on the back—keep spreading the love!