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Anonymous ‘Santa’ Left $250 Gift Card to 400 Families on Christmas



  • For four hundred residents of Edmonton City, Santa came with a $250 gift-card and poem.
  • Santa even suggested that for those who had enough, they can pass the card along to those who need it more.
  • Santa prefers his identity to remain a secret but hopes that people sense that the world is good amid the pandemic.

Christmas 2020 may go down in history as challenging.  And the guy in a red hat and costume may have also been absent in the simple celebrations.  But in Edmonton City, Canada, one Santa made 400 families believe in his magic.

St. Nick delivered $250 gift-cards to 400 doorsteps together with a poem that uplifted the recipients’ spirits.

For Elisha Tennant who lost her job due to the pandemic, the gift brought her to tears.

Photo Credit: Christina Ignacio-Deines

“To have something like this, I mean, that’s a month of groceries for us,” Tennant said. “It was just very heartwarming and touching that someone would do that.”

And for those who had enough and wished to share the blessing to others, Santa suggested passing it along to those who needed it more:

“Whatever it is that you set out to do, remember to just believe in you. Don’t need this? Please pass the baton, for that is the way hope carries on.”

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

The gesture not only allowed Santa to be his generous self, but also to give others the chance to be a jolly St. Nick to others as they donated their gift cards to those less fortunate than them.

As to who Santa was, he preferred to remain anonymous and only gave his reason for his deed via email:

“I decided to do it because I know that lots of people have had a really tough year and I had the means to help out. I hope the gifts gave people a sense that the world is good and there is a brighter future not far ahead.”

Santa’s generous gesture only proves that the spirit of giving is alive even when it is so hard to lift it up.  Thank you, Santa!

Source: Good News Network