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Bashful Bernedoodle Spreads Joy with Introverted Charm



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  • Squashie the bernedoodle’s introverted personality during her first socialization class six years ago has brought joy to many online.
  • Despite her initial hesitation, Squashie has grown into a well-socialized dog who still enjoys her alone time.
  • Introverted dogs, like Squashie, are not uncommon and can be as delightful and loving as their more outgoing counterparts.

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A video of a bashful pup’s first socialization class has been spreading joy across the internet. TikTok user @squashiebernedoodle shared a throwback video on March 9, showcasing Squashie the bernedoodle’s initial encounter with socialization six years ago.

Rather than mingling with her fellow puppies, Squashie chose to observe from the sidelines, finding comfort in the presence of her human parents.

Eventually, Squashie mustered up the courage to approach the other dogs. However, as they came closer, she quickly retreated back to her safe spot. She continued to watch the other dogs from her sideline sanctuary. By the end of the class, Squashie was mentally exhausted and had to be coaxed out by her owner.

“Squashie’s introverted personality proves that not all dogs have to be bubbly and social 24/7. Their social batteries can run out just like a human’s can.”


Fast forward to the present, Squashie, now 6 years old, still enjoys her solitude. According to her owner, not much has changed since her puppy days. Despite being well-socialized and a seasoned traveler, Squashie remains an introvert at heart.

“I’d say she is still introverted and prefers us humans,” the owner shared.

Contrary to some beliefs, a dog’s lack of interaction with other dogs doesn’t necessarily indicate poor socialization. Socialization is about training your dog to behave appropriately in various settings and to be comfortable with different sights, sounds, and smells.

In Squashie’s case, she demonstrated comfort in different settings even as a puppy. She was content watching the other dogs play during her socialization class, preferring solitude over social interaction.

Introverted dogs, like Squashie, are similar to introverted humans. They typically prefer smaller, more intimate social interactions. Dog owners can look out for signs such as a preference for structure and routines, and enjoying observation more than participation.

Certain dog breeds, including Chow Chows, Akitas, and Shiba Inus, are known to be more reserved and less social.



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