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Chihuahua Comforts Senior Dog Sibling, Melts Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • Toby the Chihuahua comforts his 17-year-old brother Huang’er
  • Video of the sweet moment goes viral on TikTok
  • Owner Hannah Moosvi shares their heartening bond

Puppies and senior dogs don’t always get along, but that’s not the case for 17-year-old Huang’er and his Chihuahua brother, Toby. Whenever Huang’er is feeling anxious, Toby is always there to put him at ease.


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Although Toby is 10 years younger than Huang’er and they have different energy levels, they know exactly what each other needs. Recently, when Huang’er was feeling a little uneasy, Toby rushed to his side and sat in the bed next to him, helping the senior dog drift back into slumber.

Their owner, Hannah Moosvi from New Jersey, loves seeing the wonderful bond they share despite their age difference. She told Newsweek that they’re best friends and “Toby likes to act as Huang’er’s protector.”

Hannah shared a video of the moment Toby went to comfort his big brother on TikTok (@teenytoby), which has melted many hearts since it was posted on January 12. The clip has been viewed more than 20,400 times and received over 3,700 likes.

“They do everything together, and that morning Huang was particularly anxious, so Toby walked over to his bed and just kept nestling his nose in his fur,” Moosvi said. “It was very sweet to see Toby picking up on Huang’er’s need for a little extra love in that moment.”


After the video, Huang’er laid his head down on the pillow and relaxed, thanks to Toby’s comforting presence.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends giving dogs plenty of space to themselves, as constant contact can create conflict. They also suggest providing one-on-one time so neither dog feels left out or forgotten.

Over time, dogs become accustomed to one another, and bonds form, as shown by Toby and Huang’er. Huang’er was born in Beijing and adopted by Moosvi’s sister, Sarah, in 2006. When Sarah moved back to the U.S. a year later, she couldn’t leave without Huang’er, who then made the journey to his new home in New Jersey.

Moosvi explained that Huang’er “was not enthused” when she brought home Toby, who only wanted to bark and play. “Over time, they became the little twins you see today. Huang’er is still over it sometimes though, and we get it. A 10-year age gap makes a big difference in energy levels,” she told Newsweek.

Due to his age, Huang’er is almost blind and can’t walk very far, so he spends most of the day napping. But thankfully, he has his younger brother to check on him and give him company whenever needed.

“Toby’s actions showed me that dogs have intuition and empathy; we can learn so much from them,” Moosvi continued.


TikTok commenters praised Toby for being so loving towards his older brother. One person wrote: “Omg Toby’s little nuzzles are the best!” Another responded: “So sweet. Toby knows his brother needs extra love right now.” One commenter said that “Toby is a great brother.”