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Chihuahua’s Dramatic Reaction to Toy Being Thrown Away



Quick Smiles:

  • A tiny Chihuahua named Buddy has become an internet sensation due to his dramatic reaction to his owner throwing away his favorite chewed-up toy.
  • Buddy’s owner, Michelle Baeza, shares that the pup’s favorite pastime is removing all the stuffing from his toys.
  • While Buddy’s antics are hilarious, experts warn that certain toy materials can be dangerous for dogs if ingested.

If a dog’s glare could speak volumes, Buddy the Chihuahua would have a lot to say. His owner, Michelle Baeza, recently found herself on the receiving end of a rather intense side-eye from Buddy, after she dared to dispose of his beloved, albeit thoroughly chewed, toy.

Baeza, a 22-year-old business owner from Chicago, captured this moment of canine indignation on video and shared it on Instagram. The clip, which shows Buddy gleefully de-stuffing his toy before his owner takes it away, has since gone viral, amassing a staggering 1.3 million views.

“Removing the stuffing is Buddy’s favorite part of playing with any toy,” Baeza told Newsweek.

Buddy’s reaction to his toy being taken away, however, was far from gleeful. His look of utter betrayal had viewers laughing out loud.

The caption of the video reads, “All that work for nothing?”

Baeza added, “If the toy isn’t too worn out, I usually sew them back up for him to have another go at it. Otherwise, I will pull out another toy for him.”


Since being posted on March 5, the video has garnered over 85,500 likes and nearly 500 comments.

One user commented, “Not the face of disappointment,”

While another said, “The side eye is insane.”

A third user humorously noted, “When hooman buys you nice things, but destruction is your love language.”

Despite the humor, Buddy’s toy-destroying habit is not unique among dogs. It’s a common, albeit potentially costly and hazardous, behavior.

According to the Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital in Rocklin, California, “Hunting toy stuffing is actually a very natural part of being a dog!”


However, they caution that swallowing certain materials can pose risks, emphasizing the importance of pet supervision.

The Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates in Michigan advises pet owners to be mindful of the toys they buy, suggesting the removal of small parts like eyes, ribbons, or strings to prevent accidental ingestion. They also warn against fillings like nutshells and polypropylene beads, which are not digestible.

Both veterinary hospitals recommend purchasing toys made of durable materials, like those produced by Nylabone. They also suggest interactive treat-earning games as a safe and mentally stimulating alternative.

Lastly, pet owners should be aware that toy squeakers can also lead to emergency vet visits.