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Cops Discover Delighted Pooch’s Head Wedged in House Wall



Quick Smiles:

  • South Carolina’s Sumter Police Department helps free a curious dog named Spike
  • Spike got his head stuck in a dryer vent while “sniffing out mischief”
  • Police and fire department personnel worked together to safely remove Spike from his predicament

South Carolina’s Sumter Police Department received a rather unusual call last week. When they arrived at the scene, they were greeted by a floppy-eared dog’s head sticking out of an exterior wall. The curious pup, named Spike, had found himself in a bit of a sticky situation.

Photo by the Sumter Police Department (Facebook)

Spike had been exploring his family’s home when he came across their dryer vent. Intrigued by what might be on the other side, he decided to take a peek. Unfortunately, this turned into more than just a momentary look, as Spike found himself unable to pull his head back through the vent hole.

Rescuing Spike proved to be a bit more complicated than simply helping him wiggle his head back out. The first responders had to remove some siding from the home to free the adventurous dog. This was certainly more than Spike had anticipated when he started his mischievous exploration.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Sumter Police Department and Sumter Fire Department personnel, Spike was safely freed from his predicament. As for Spike, he’s likely already on the lookout for his next adventure, as the happy hound continues to explore his world.