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Crane Saves Deer Stuck on Icy Colorado Cliff: A Daring Rescue!



Quick Smiles:

  • Wildlife officers rescue a stranded deer on a frozen lake.
  • A passing crane truck operator lends a helping hand.
  • The deer walks away unscathed after being relocated to a safer habitat.

In a tale of teamwork and quick thinking, wildlife officers near Evergreen Lake in Colorado managed to save a stranded deer with the help of an unexpected ally – a crane truck operator. The deer found itself trapped amidst the snow and ice-covered lake, creating a difficult situation for the officers trying to help it.

As luck would have it, a vigilant crane truck operator happened to pass by the scene and noticed the officers’ attempts to rescue the deer. Deciding to lend a helping hand, the operator’s timely intervention became a game-changer for the mission.

Utilizing the crane truck’s capabilities, the officers quickly wrapped the deer to ensure its safety during the delicate operation. Wildlife officer Ian, demonstrating his rope-lassoing skills, expertly secured the deer to the crane. The combined efforts of the officers and the crane operator made for a smooth and efficient rescue.

Once the deer was successfully lifted from its icy predicament, the wildlife officers didn’t waste any time relocating it to a more suitable habitat. Remarkably, the resilient deer appeared to be unscathed, walking away from the incident seemingly unharmed.