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Crimefighter Dog Receives $2K Reward for Locating Escaped Prison Inmate [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Tucker, a chocolate Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retriever mix, was awarded $2,000 by Warren Crime Stoppers for his role in locating escaped prison inmate, Michael Charles Burham.
  • Tucker’s owners discovered the escaped prisoner on their property, following Tucker’s incessant barking. They immediately contacted the police, who apprehended Burham.
  • The heroic dog has been showered with new toys, a bucket of tennis balls, and a ribeye steak, all bought from his reward money.

Talk about taking a bite out of crime!

A chocolate Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retriever mix, Tucker was handsomely awarded with a $2,000 cash reward by Warren Crime Stoppers for his role in bringing an escaped prison inmate back into custody.

The story begins with the escape of Michael Charles Burham, 34, from a Pennsylvania prison on July 7, using bed sheets as his means of exit.

The Jamestown Police Department quickly labeled Burham as “very dangerous”, urging the public to remain vigilant.

A week later, Tucker was out exploring the woods behind his Warren County home when he began incessantly barking for his owners, Ron and Cindy Ecklund.

The couple went out to investigate and were surprised to come face-to-face with the escapee.

Ron told ABC News, “Suddenly, this person stands up, and it’s Michael — I recognize him right away.”


After this shocking discovery, the couple retreated and immediately called 911.

With the help of detection canines, the police successfully located a “tired and worn out” Burham and took him back into custody.

To express their gratitude for Tucker’s help, he was presented with a $2,000 reward in a special ceremony.

This sum is a part of the $22,000 in reward money that had been offered during the search.


The rest of the reward is planned to be given to Tucker’s owners.

The spoils of Tucker’s award?

A new collar, a bucket of tennis balls, some toys, and a delicious treat.

Cindy was delighted to share, “There is a ribeye steak in the fridge waiting for him after all this is over,” during the Tuesday news conference.

The local residents, who had been on high alert since the escape, are now relieved as Burham will be transferred to another prison, officials told CNN.

Meanwhile, Tucker, the hero dog, continues to enjoy his well-deserved rewards, proving that sometimes, man’s best friend is also the best neighborhood watch.