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Delivery Driver Turns Dog-Saver in an Unexpected Tumble Incident [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Ryder, a golden retriever, had a charming and funny encounter with his favorite Amazon delivery driver, where his excitement for a belly rub led to him rolling off a bench. The incident, captured by a security camera, became an internet sensation with over 30 million views.
  • The delivery driver’s caring response was noteworthy as he tried to catch Ryder, helping him land softly. Despite the unexpected tumble, Ryder was unfazed and ready for more belly rubs.
  • The heartwarming incident showcases the deep trust and affection between humans and their pets, reflecting the unconditional love that dogs bring into our lives.

In the friendly world of dogs, there are few creatures more trusting, more cheerful, or more easily sidetracked by a good belly rub than a golden retriever.

Meet Ryder, a charming example of his breed, whose trusting nature and love for a favorite Amazon delivery driver turned him into an internet sensation.

A video of Ryder’s endearing (and slightly clumsy) encounter with his friend has captured the hearts of millions, receiving over 30 million views and 5.2 million likes on TikTok.

Captured by a security camera, the heartwarming interaction begins with the delivery driver making his usual rounds and Ryder, ever watchful, sitting leisurely on a bench, keeping an eye on the unfolding events.

There’s an unmistakable sparkle in the delivery driver’s eyes as he spots Ryder.


He greets the elegant canine with the high-pitched, gushing tone most dog lovers can’t help but adopt when meeting a fluffy friend.

Our golden boy Ryder is clearly delighted by the attention.

In his excitement, he forgets one critical detail – he’s lounging on a bench!

Trusting the driver implicitly, Ryder yields to the enticement of a belly rub, rolls over, and the world seems to slow down as the inevitable happens.

Around five seconds into the video, our trusting friend tips over the edge of the bench.

The delivery man, ever watchful, spots the imminent tumble and cries out, “Don’t fall down.”


But alas, gravity has already taken over.

Yet, all is not lost.

Ryder’s trust in the delivery driver is rewarded.

With quick reflexes, the delivery man reaches out, catching Ryder mid-fall and ensuring that he lands softly.

With grace and poise, Ryder recovers from his unexpected descent, barely phased by the incident.

He takes a quick sitting pose, only to flip back onto his back in an instant, ready for more belly rubs.


As the video concludes, it’s as though the tumble never happened.

Ryder, now safely grounded, continues to enjoy his belly rubs, soaking in the love from his two-legged friend.

It’s an endearing scene that encapsulates the warmth and trust between humans and their furry companions, a testament to the unconditional love that dogs like Ryder bring into our lives.