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Dog gives his favorite toy to newborn sister so she will stop crying [Video]



  • Nick Elliott and his wife hoped that their dog Tommy would behave well once their newborn baby girl, Macie, was home — and Tommy did!
  • Tommy has been so sweet and gentle to his new baby sister.
  • Recently, he even gave Macie his favorite toy so she would stop from crying.

Bringing home a newborn baby, while a couple has a dog whom they’ve pampered for quite long, is something that understandably causes them to worry. But not for Nick Elliott and his wife.

Early this month, the new parents brought home their baby girl, Macie, from the hospital. They hoped that their two-year-old Doberman pinscher named Tommy would be as loving and loyal to Macie as he is to them — and it happened!

Photo Credit: Nick Elliott/The Dodo

This was something not surprising, though, as they’ve known Tommy to be always “so gentle and careful,” which could be his “natural instinct.”

“We have had him around family and friends, toddlers and children in the past, and his whole character changes. He gets down to their level and just lies with them, letting them stroke him,” Nick told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Nick Elliott/The Dodo

Tommy and Macie’s first meeting was exactly what the couple hoped it to be.

“[We] both greeted Tommy and got him settled before bringing Macie in,” Nick said. “We let him smell her worn clothes and told him ‘gentle’ … we brought Macie in, and he was naturally really inquisitive and gentle.”

“It was like he instantly accepted her, as he always wanted to be close, but never touched her,” he added.

Photo Credit: Nick Elliott/The Dodo

The sweet pup is behaving really well around Macie. He has even adjusted to the new life of having a newborn baby in the house, frequent cries and all.

“He used to do a little sad whine when she cried for the first few days, but has now become used to all the new sounds and smells, so doesn’t bat an eyelid,” Nick said. “He regularly wanders past and checks on her in her cot and, each time, gives a little tail wag if she’s OK.”

Photo Credit: Nick Elliott/The Dodo

The couple only asked for Tommy to be gentle toward Macie, but Tommy offered more! He has become sensitive to his sister’s emotions, starts checking on her every now and then, and tries to cheer her up whenever possible.

Recently, when Macie’s mom was in the kitchen to make a new bottle for her, Tommy heard her cry and instantly took things into his own hands to comfort her. What Tommy did next was incredibly sweet: he brought her his favorite toy teddy!

The parents checked the baby monitor when they saw that Tommy’s toy was with Macie, curious about how it got there.

“We looked back on the camera after Hayley discovered [the teddy] in with her, and that’s when we saw what he had done,” Nick said. “His little tail wagging just made it!”

How gentle, sweet, caring Tommy is with Macie gives the new parents the assurance that their baby girl has a big brother she can depends on at all times.

Awww, such a sweet pup!


Source: The Dodo