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Dog Greets Groomer with Adorable Happy Dance [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A viral TikTok video features a dog named Boots excitedly wiggling and shaking his body in anticipation of his groomer’s arrival, resulting in almost 50,000 re-posts and over 3.3 million views.
  • Boots’ owner, under the username Ghees8, created several remix versions of the video, setting Boots’ dance to different songs due to popular demand from TikTok users.
  • While Boots enjoys his grooming sessions, VetStreet advises pet owners to gradually accustom their dogs to being handled, particularly in sensitive areas, to make the grooming process more comfortable for pets who may be anxious.


I think Boots gets a little excited when the groomer comes over 😂#silverdorlife #labrador #my100#life ♬ Swing – Remix – Savage

Get ready for a “tail-wagging” good time with this story!

Boots, a beloved family dog, has recently become a bit of an internet sensation.

A hilarious video showcases Boots’ uncontainable excitement at seeing his groomer come over, shared on TikTok by his owner, Ghees8.

Boots isn’t just wagging his tail, he’s shimmying and shaking his whole body.

As his groomer approaches the door, Boots begins his adorable dance routine, timed perfectly to the beats of Savage’s song “Swing.”


But it’s not just Boots who’s busting a move, his groomer responds with a friendly little shake of their own.

Talk about a dance-off!

“I think Boots gets a little excited when the groomer comes over,” reads the caption on the viral post.

A little excited? That might just be the understatement of the year!

With almost 50,000 re-posts and counting, it’s clear that Boots’ infectious energy has brought a smile to the faces of thousands.

TikTok users quickly joined in the fun, requesting to set the video to other songs like Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Body.”


Ghees8 happily complied, posting dozens of remix versions to meet the demand.

When he’s not in the middle of a grooming party, Boots is described by his owner as a “big snuggler,” a testament to his lovable and affectionate nature.

While Boots has no problem prancing around his groomer, VetStreet points out that not all dogs are as comfortable with the experience.

They advise owners to gradually get their pets used to being handled, particularly in sensitive areas like eyes, ears, and paws.

Turning the grooming visit into a positive event can make a world of difference, potentially by rewarding your pet with a treat after each visit.

With over 3.3 million views and 408,400 likes on TikTok, Boots has definitely danced his way into the hearts of viewers.


Fans have left comments celebrating Boots’ rhythm and enthusiasm.

“Dog shaking those apple bottom jeans!” one user wrote.

“I need a man who does this when I come home,” another joked.

Clearly, Boots has set a new standard for welcoming groomers everywhere.

So the next time your pet’s grooming appointment comes up, just remember Boots, and hopefully, it’ll put a little wiggle in your step too!