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Dog Mistakenly Befriends Mannequin, Sparks Joy Online



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever mistook a mannequin for a potential petting friend at a department store.
  • The dog’s adorable confusion and persistence were captured in a popular Instagram reel on the account @mrs_howes.
  • Despite some criticism about the dog’s behavior in the store, the video has brought joy to many viewers, garnering over 894,000 views and 43,300 likes.

In a world where we could all use an extra smile, a golden retriever’s innocent mix-up at a department store has been spreading joy across the internet. The dog, believing she had found a new friend to shower her with affection, was left a tad perplexed when her new acquaintance didn’t return her enthusiasm.

The golden retriever had spotted what appeared to be a “man” decked out in athletic attire, complete with shoes and a hat. Seeing a potential opportunity for some extra attention, she eagerly approached, her tail wagging in anticipation. The scene was captured in an Instagram reel posted on December 19 to the account @mrs_howes.

Unfortunately, the “man” she had spotted was in fact a mannequin, perfectly dressed to look like someone who might shower her with pets. As she trotted down the aisle, her pace quickened at the sight of the shoes, and she began sniffing excitedly.

However, confusion set in when the mannequin didn’t reciprocate her joy. Undeterred, the dog continued to jump up and down, refusing to accept the silent treatment. The caption of the video perfectly encapsulates the situation: “She loves people so much! She couldn’t understand why he wasn’t petting her.”

No matter how much the golden retriever tried, the mannequin remained unmoved. One can only imagine how to explain to her that this lifelike figure will never give her the attention she craves. The only consolation for this dog would be extra treats and pets upon her return home.


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