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Doggie Daycare’s Hilarious Hurdle Challenge Goes Viral



Quick Smiles:

  • Daycare in Saskatchewan tests dogs’ athleticism with tape hurdle
  • Hilarious challenge goes viral on TikTok with over 2.8 million views
  • Owner Miranda Mitchell enjoys bonding with pups and boosting their confidence

A dog daycare in Saskatchewan, Canada, has found a hilarious way to keep their pups occupied and test their athleticism. Staff at Fella & Fetch decided to put tape across the doorway leading to the outdoor play area, creating a makeshift hurdle for the dogs to jump over.

The idea was a fun way to test their agility, and it turned out to be quite entertaining for the staff. They enjoyed watching which dogs excelled and which ones were more reluctant to exert any unnecessary energy.

Miranda Mitchell, the manager and owner of Fella & Fetch, told Newsweek that working with over 100 dogs means “there is never a lack of entertainment,” and the pups really “knocked it out of the park” with this latest challenge. The team will have to try harder if they want to really test their abilities.


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Footage of the amusing challenge was shared on TikTok (@fellafetch) on January 19, showing the dogs attempting to leap over the hurdle one by one. Social media users loved seeing “the athleticism” of the daycare pups, and the clip has already been viewed more than 2.8 million times and gained over 378,400 likes on TikTok.

Mitchell, from Regina, Canada, said: “Challenges like this are a great way to bond with our pack, and have a good laugh as a team. These puppers never cease to amaze us. You can most certainly see which ones do agility classes outside of daycare or have such a love for their aunties that they couldn’t wait to get to the other side.”


“Our all-stars Winston and Honey made it look pretty easy. Although Winston has a ton of energy, we were shocked with how well he cleared it. Murphy also surprised us, she is usually so excited to run down that hallway to get outside to play, but there was no getting her anywhere near the jump.”

Agility training encourages dogs to take part in various obstacle courses which judge them on their speed and accuracy. It can include jumping over hurdles, weaving through poles, tackling elevated walkways, and jumping over A-frame structures.

Not only does it provide the dog with good exercise, but VCA Animal Hospitals suggests that it helps dogs use their natural instincts by chasing after what they want (usually a treat). They have to be nimble and swift around a course to get what they want, usually with very little room for error, which perfectly stimulates their love of hunting and chasing after prey.

High-energy dogs are bound to love agility, and having their owner on the course with them will prove to be a positive bonding exercise for both parties. As explained by VCA Animal Hospitals, dogs rely on their owner for guidance when tackling the obstacles, which can help facilitate general obedience too.

While Mitchell was surprised to see how reluctant some of the dogs were to jump over the tape, she added that it was “a great opportunity to work on their confidence” and encourage them to take the leap (quite literally).

The daycare often shares clips of the dogs on social media, much to the delight of their followers, but the video of their latest challenge has made some of the pups become viral sensations.


“We have been over the moon excited about the positive comments and engagement we’ve received from this video,” Mitchell told Newsweek.

“We truly enjoy every day around here. We are a small, local business so we really aren’t used to getting this much attention, but who can help themselves from getting hooked on all of the cuteness.”

With over 2,000 comments on the viral video already, TikTok users were full of praise for the athletic pups. One comment reads: “got to give it to Winston, 10 out of 10.”

While another person joked: “how does it feel to be working my dream job?”

“Murphy knows a trap when he sees one and no one is changing his mind,” another TikToker responded.