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Drone Footage Captures Florida Lifeguards Rescuing Swimmer [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Joe Osborne captures rare footage of lifeguards in action during a dramatic beach rescue using his drone.
  • The Flagler Beach Ocean Rescue team showcases impressive teamwork and training as they save a boogie boarder who drifted too far.
  • Osborne’s video not only highlights the lifeguards’ heroics but also serves as a stark reminder of the strength of rip currents.

Most of us lay out our beach towels, slather on some sunscreen, and hope for a day full of sun, sea, and sandcastles. But for some, a regular beach day turned into an incredible show of skill and heroism.

Joe Osborne, an unsuspecting witness from a local tattoo shop, decided on a whim to launch his drone for a sky-high view of Flagler Beach.

He shared, “I didn’t even know that existed,” referencing the dramatic scene unfolding below. “You don’t know what they know. You just have trust in them.”

What he captured was the remarkable effort of lifeguards, demonstrating the precision and teamwork of a synchronized swim – only, this dance was a life-saving rescue.

“I was actually kind of impressed. It was definitely a rehearsed thing… Very impressive. I thought it was very neat,” Osborne gushed.

The footage reveals a man, seemingly enjoying a day on his boogie board, being caught too far from the shore. But have no fear – Flagler Beach Ocean Rescue is here!

“That rescue is pretty far out, so they needed backup, so the backup comes out, and then they chain up by grabbing each other’s buoys,” Malaina Bryant, a lieutenant with the team, highlighted.


Bryant, alongside senior lifeguard Rebecca Reynolds, marveled at their colleagues’ courage and coordination.

“We all work really hard, so it shows on the video. They did awesome,” Bryant cheered.

Usually, lifeguard tales of heroism are shared through word of mouth, making Osborne’s video a rare treat.

“We just have to…tell each other about our rescues, but we never really get to see how far out a person was or how well we did something,” said Reynolds, no doubt feeling a touch of sun-kissed pride.

Here’s hoping the next time Osborne takes his drone for a spin, it captures more sunbathers than swimmers in distress.

But for now, his video serves as both a testament to the heroics of the lifeguards and a cautionary tale about nature’s power.


“Unless you really could see it, you don’t believe it, but it’s strong enough. It’ll pull you out,” Osborne warns, probably ensuring we all keep our boogie boards a tad closer to the shore next time!

(And remember, folks, always boogie responsibly! 😉)