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Earthquake Sparks Adorable Pet Reactions Across the Northeast



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  • An unexpected 4.8-magnitude earthquake in the Northeast led pet owners to share their pets’ reactions on social media.
  • From a startled cat in Queens, New York, to a nonchalant bunny who didn’t seem to mind the quake, the internet is filled with videos of pets reacting to the unexpected shaking.
  • Despite the initial shock, most pets are now doing fine, with their owners providing comfort and familiar items to help ease their stress.

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The unexpected 4.8-magnitude earthquake that shook parts of the Northeast last Friday morning has led to a flurry of social media posts. Pet owners took to the internet to share their experiences and their pets’ reactions to the unusual event.

The earthquake, originating in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, was felt across Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and even as far north as Maine. This unusual occurrence prompted millions to share their experiences online, including videos of their pets’ reactions.

In Ozone Park, Queens, New York, about 60 miles from the epicenter of the quake, a Ring camera captured Andrea Roca’s cat, Bolita, abruptly waking from her nap at the onset of the shaking. The video, posted on the account @andreajroca, shows Bolita looking around in confusion but choosing to stay put on the bed.

“After I saw her I immediately wanted to go home and comfort her and check on the other two,” Roca shared via TikTok.


Roca’s other two cats were noticeably absent from the Ring camera footage. Her father, who was home with the cats, reported that Loki, the tabby cat, remained on high alert, sensitive to any noise. The third cat had yet to emerge from under the bed.

A similar reaction was seen in a New York dog, who, in a TikTok video shared by @raziyc, was seen bolting off the couch when the earthquake hit. The caption read: “Poor baby had to go through it alone.”

The owner later commented on TikTok that despite being home alone during the quake, the dog was now doing well and had retreated to the bedroom for a nap.

In New Jersey, a pet owner known on TikTok as @agallonofsoda shared her pets’ reactions post-quake. Both her dog and cat were visibly shaken. The video shows her trying to comfort them on the bed, her dog whimpering and her orange cat attempting to retreat into a pet carrier.

“They’re all better now!” the owner reassured via TikTok. “I think we’re freaked out more than the pets!”

A New Jersey parrot named Beto had a unique reaction, flapping around in his cage as it began to shake. The video, shared by @amazon.parrot, was captioned: “Beto stays caged up when no one is home since he loves to bite and destroy things. Beto is fine now, I am home with him and he is out of his cage.”


Beto’s owner shared that after the quake, Beto spent three hours staring at the floor, showing no interest in food. “When my fiance and I got home like 20 minutes later he was still very startled,” the owner said.

While many pets were visibly shaken by the earthquake, one bunny named Buttercup seemed unfazed. His owner, Katie, shared a video on the Instagram account @buttercupthebun22 of Buttercup lounging on the floor minutes after the quake.

“Overall, I think Buttercup did notice the shaking at first, but because it stopped, I think he figured it was okay and continued on with his usual business for the day,” Katie shared.

The midday timing of the earthquake meant many pet owners had to wait hours before they could check on their pets, leading to concerns about stress and anxiety. Pet owners are advised to avoid greeting their pets with a tight hug after such events, as it might cause more panic.

Instead, restoring familiarity for pets is suggested. Providing comfort items like toys, bedding, bowls, or blankets can help ease a pet’s stress. Taking dogs for a walk in less crowded areas can also help avoid overstimulation.