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Family Finds Dog In Pipe And Uncovers Her Adorable Hidden Surprise



Quick Smiles:

  • Family finds their lost dog, Kota, after a year of searching
  • Kota is discovered with a hidden litter of puppies in a drain pipe
  • With the help of friends, the family rescues the puppies and reunites with Kota

Kota, a beloved family dog, was known for her escape artist tendencies. Her mom, Kellie Deck Tuten, shared on Facebook that they had tried countless crates, kennels, and cages to keep her contained when needed. Kota never strayed too far from home and would always return on her own if her parents couldn’t find her that day.

One day, however, Kota went missing and didn’t come back. As day turned into night, the Tutens sprung into action, distributing flyers and calling every nearby animal shelter. Despite their efforts, a year passed without any sign of Kota, and the family was close to giving up.

A few weeks later, the Tutens found a familiar face on Bibb County Animal Shelter’s website. Kellie knew it was Kota and contacted a friend who lived nearby. The friend confirmed seeing Kota and kept Kellie updated on her sightings. Unfortunately, Kota would always be gone by the time Kellie arrived.

Another helper, Lisa Wood, had been feeding Kota twice a day and even took in two litters of her puppies, finding them loving homes. Wood had seen Kota recently but didn’t know where her latest litter was. The Tutens joined forces with Wood to find the puppies and bring their long-lost pup home.

After evading their efforts, Wood managed to slip a collar with a GPS tracker on Kota. They followed her to the puppies’ location, which turned out to be a drain pipe. With the help of friends Amy Beth Wall and Sean Wall, they cut into the tunnel and, after hours of digging, rescued four chunky puppies.

The Tutens were thrilled to have the puppies, but Kota was still too scared to join them. It wasn’t until the next night that they were able to get her in the car with the puppies and bring her home. While the puppies settled in quickly, Kota is still adjusting to her new life.

“She is still warming back up to us,” Kellie told The Dodo. “She doesn’t have much interest in coming inside, which is a huge change from before. But she comes to greet us when we go sit in the backyard.” Kota enjoys head scratches from her devoted humans, but she’s still healing from her challenging year alone.