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Fastfood Customers Raise Funds To Send Friendly Drive-Thru Employee Back To School



  • For years, a coffee shop worker has made the day of his loyal customers with his smile, fist bumps, and encouraging words.
  • One loyal customer learned that Vishnu Gopansothilingan was not able to finish school because of lack of funds.
  • Matthew Shulman sets up a GoFundMe page and gets donations from other loyal clients enough to send Vishnu back to school.

If Dory always reminds us to keep on swimming, Vishnu Gopansothilingan of Tim-Horton’s drive through in Vaughan, Ontario encourages you to keep on smiling.  And this trait of greeting his customers like old friends, offering fist bumps and cheerful greetings, and more, has inspired one of his clients to raise funds for him to go back to school.

Matthew Shulman, the guy who thought about the GoFundMe campaign for Vishnu says, the guy will make your day. “This guy, he fist-bumps you, he gives you weather reports. Everybody in the community thinks they’re special and he only does it with them, but it turns out he’s doing it with everybody.”

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

The idea came to him one day when he had a chat with Vishnu. He learned that Vishnu had dropped out of York University from his IT studies a few years ago as he could not afford it anymore.  Even with his work, he still cannot come up with the funds to continue with his studies.

On the GoFundMe page, Matthew wrote: “Vishnu is much more than a guy in a mask working the Tim Hortons drive-thru. He is an amazing human being. AS A COMMUNITY, LET’S SHOW HIM HOW MUCH WE CARE, send him back to school.”

Photo Credit: CBC News

He initially thought of raising $10,000. But other loyal customers who had also become Vishnu’s friends and fans, eagerly gave back to Vishnu for brightening their days with a whopping $21,000!

They presented the money to Vishnu at his place of work.

Photo Credit: CBC News

The surprised and blown-away Vishnu can only say, “It’s amazing how people appreciate the small things that I do. I love people. This is who I am, giving back and making people smile.”

Kindness now has a name— Vishnu!

Source: Inspire More