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Florida Cops Deliver Groceries After Arresting Delivery Driver



Quick Smiles:

  • Florida police officers deliver groceries to a family after arresting the original delivery driver.
  • The officers went “above and beyond” to complete the delivery, earning praise from the family and on social media.
  • The incident, which took place in Titusville, Florida, was captured on a Ring camera and shared widely.

Imagine this: You’re expecting a grocery delivery, but instead of your regular delivery driver, two police officers show up at your door with your order. That’s exactly what happened to Joe Neu and his family in Titusville, Florida, a surprising incident that quickly gained national attention.

“Hello, uh, you ordered groceries? Your driver got arrested, so we’re delivering your groceries!” This was the unexpected announcement that greeted the Neu family when the officers arrived with their groceries.

The officers had just arrested the original delivery driver, Richard Robertson, who was wanted on felony charges in both Florida and Texas. After confirming his identity during a routine traffic stop, the officers noticed a large delivery order in his car.

Rather than leaving the groceries undelivered, the officers decided to complete the delivery themselves. They seamlessly transitioned from the “protect” part of their job to the “serve” part, a move that left a lasting impression on the Neu family.

In fact, one woman in the home was so touched by the officers’ actions that she insisted they receive Robertson’s tip. The entire incident was captured on the family’s Ring camera and shared on social media, where it was met with widespread praise.

The footage shows one of the officers, a policewoman, ringing the doorbell and waiting for an answer. She can be seen smiling and noting how “funny” the situation is.


“My dad was a police officer when I was growing up, so I have the utmost respect for them, so when I saw that, it was wonderful to see,” Mr. Neu shared.

This story is a shining example of police officers truly going “above and beyond” in their duties. It’s a delightful reminder of the unexpected ways in which kindness can show up at our doorsteps, even in the most unusual circumstances.

So, next time you’re waiting for a delivery, who knows? You might just get a surprise visit from your local law enforcement.