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Foster Dog Experiences The Joy Of A Comfy Bed For The First Time



Quick Smiles:

  • Mr. Pugsley, a shelter dog from SRSL, got to experience the luxury of a human bed for a weekend.
  • This was thanks to the Rovernights program, which lets people foster dogs for short stints.
  • Our adorable Mr. Pugsley is still looking for a forever home, always wearing his infectious pittie grin.

Mr. Pugsley, the darling of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), is no stranger to hard times. Despite being an adorable resident of SRSL for over seven months, the wonders of a cozy human bed eluded him. Until now.

A few days back, thanks to SRSL’s innovative Rovernights program, Mr. Pugsley tasted freedom and comfort, leaving many in awe of his heartwarming response.

Mr. Pugsley’s journey with SRSL began in January when a concerned local found him patiently waiting at the end of his driveway.

Donna Lochmann, SRSL’s chief life saving officer, recounted, “The dog had just sort of shown up. The man was worried about him, so he called us, and we took him in.”

His entrance into the shelter was like sunshine on a cloudy day. Everyone fell in love with his antics.

“He’s just a big goofball,” said Lochmann.


While shelter staff doted on this furball, potential families kept overlooking him. It was puzzling. Months went by, and while other dogs found their forever homes, Mr. Pugsley hoped his turn would come.

Enter Rovernights – SRSL’s unique weekend fostering initiative. It offers a brief respite to dogs like Mr. Pugsley and a chance for dog enthusiasts to share their love temporarily.

“Some animals have actually stayed as permanent fosters, some have been adopted and some actually stay just a few nights then come back to the shelter,” Lochmann explained.

Mr. Pugsley’s turn came, and oh boy, did he make the most of it! While many dogs may opt for play and adventure, Mr. Pugsley had other priorities. Jumping onto his temporary home’s bed, he settled in for a long, uninterrupted nap.

His foster later gushed on Facebook, “Mr. Pugsley and I snuggled for about 12 hours straight last night. What a lover.”


His weekend away was mostly spent cherishing the quiet and relishing his bed’s comforts. Though he’s back at the shelter, awaiting his forever family, his zest for life remains undiminished.

“He’s a happy-go-lucky guy,” Lochmann assured. “He’s always got that big pittie smile.”

It just goes to show that sometimes, the simplest joys, like a soft bed, can mean the world.

Here’s to hoping Mr. Pugsley finds a permanent bed and endless snuggles soon!


You can learn more about adopting Mr. Pugsley here.