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Golden Retriever Loves Making Friends at the Mall [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Dennis, a six-month-old golden retriever from São Paulo, Brazil, has become an online sensation due to his charming habit of visiting and making friends at a local mall.
  • His specific fondness for a certain store, which started after a chance meeting with its manager, has become a part of his adorable antics, making every mall visit a joyful occasion for him and others.
  • Dennis’ heartwarming adventures and his friendly nature are beautifully captured on video and can be followed on his personal Instagram page, @dennisogolden, spreading joy and warmth to his growing audience.

Step aside, man’s best friend, Dennis the golden retriever is out to be everyone’s best friend.

In São Paulo, Brazil, Dennis, the adorable six-month-old golden retriever, has become an online sensation, thanks to his cheerful and friendly nature.

The delightful pup, who has garnered attention on social media, has a unique habit—each time he visits the mall, he loves to say hello and get some good old petting from his friends.

“We wanted him to have many different experiences,” shared his owner Maju with Newsweek, explaining why they began taking him to the mall after his mandatory puppy vaccines.


This outgoing ball of fur, with his shimmering coat and irresistible charm, quickly turned into a local celebrity.

Maju noted, “He got a lot of attention all over the mall. People were delighted, mainly because Dennis was always very friendly and willing to make new friends.”

Indeed, this fits the profile of a golden retriever, the third most popular dog breed in the U.S., according to the American Kennel Club.

Dennis’ sunny demeanor exemplifies why these dogs are so beloved. His fondness for one store in particular is both amusing and heartwarming.


During an early visit, Dennis had a chance meeting with the store manager, a fellow dog lover.

“We spent about half an hour there talking to her. She has a border collie puppy the same age as Dennis, so we were sharing tips,” Maju recalled.

Subsequent visits to the mall revealed Dennis’ preference for this store.

Maju observed, “We began to notice that whenever we went to this mall, he made a point of going into this store to see his friends and receive affection.”

His special store visits became a regular feature of their mall trips, regardless of where they were in the mall.

“It’s always a party when Dennis arrives. He gets affection from the girls, he rests, and then we continue the tour,” Maju explained.


“Even if we pass the store a second time, we have to go in again.”

This furry friend insists on popping by his favorite spot, much to the delight of the store staff and his doting owner.

Maju finds Dennis’ lovable antics endearing, remarking, “It’s really cute how he always remembers to say hi to his friends at the store.”

You can follow more of Dennis’ charming escapades on his personal Instagram page, @dennisogolden, as he continues to spread joy and warmth, one “hello” at a time.


Dennis’ delightful demeanor and his friendly pursuits are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

After all, who could resist such a friendly furball?