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Quick Smiles:

  • Sebbie Hall, a 20-year-old from Lichfield, is recognized as the UK’s kindest person.
  • He has donated hundreds of items to those in need and founded The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation.
  • Sebbie is honored with a statue near Tower Bridge in London, later to be moved to Lichfield.

At just 17 years old, Sebbie Hall decided to dedicate his life to helping others. In only three years, he has been recognized as the UK’s kindest person and a true hero. Sebbie works tirelessly to help others and has even founded his own charity, The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation, which supports vulnerable youngsters.

Over the past three years, Sebbie has donated 400 coats and blankets to homeless charities, gifted 800 toys to children’s homes, and used his own pocket money during his teens to pay for strangers’ coffees. Born with a rare chromosome anomaly, Sebbie began spreading kindness during lockdown when he discovered that some classmates didn’t have access to a computer. Instead of just donating his own device, he raised money to buy each of them a laptop by doing kind acts like washing cars.

Sebbie was crowned the UK’s 2023 Kind Hero by KIND Snacks after a search for the nation’s kindest people. In recognition of his efforts, a statue has been erected near Tower Bridge in London, alongside the likes of Captain Cook, Winston Churchill, and Jo Newby, the KIND Snacks 2022 Hero who has fostered 92 children as a volunteer foster mom.

The six-foot-tall statue, commissioned by the healthy snack bar brand, features Sebbie in a superhero-style cape and stance, inspired by his motto, “kindness is my superpower.” After its time in London, the statue will be moved to a long-term home in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

KIND Snacks received almost 500 nominations before selecting Sebbie as the winner. Sam Wainwright, a KIND spokesman, said, “It warmed our hearts to see the sheer volume of people selflessly devoting their time and effort to fostering kindness in their communities. The scale of impact delivered through the entries we read was absolutely overwhelming.” He added, “Sebbie’s story in particular highlights the importance of kindness and its transformative power in driving positive changes for others.”

So, let’s celebrate this kind hero and his awesome statue by sharing his story with friends and spreading kindness in our own communities!