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Hilarious Video Displays Dog’s Rebellious Teen Phase



Quick Smiles:

  • A dog owner shares a hilarious video of her Doberman, Runtz, showing signs of a rebellious “teenage” phase.
  • The video, posted on TikTok, shows Runtz “talking back” to his owners, much to the amusement of viewers.
  • Research suggests that adolescent dogs can mimic the rebellious behavior seen in human teenagers.

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There’s a delightful video making rounds on the internet, showcasing a Doberman pinscher named Runtz, who seems to be going through his own version of a “teenage” phase. As many parents can attest, teenagers often enjoy testing the limits set by their elders, and it appears this is not exclusive to humans.

A 2020 study published in Biology Letters revealed that adolescent dogs, much like human teenagers, often defy their owners’ commands. The study involved 93 dogs, some of which were up to 5 months old, while others were 8 months old and in their adolescence.

“Researchers found that the older dogs were twice as likely to ignore the sit cues, regardless of whether they were said by their owners or a stranger.” This led to the conclusion that these dogs were quite adept at mimicking the kind of behavior seen in human teens.

Runtz’s recent antics, captured in a 12-second TikTok video by his owner under the handle dobieruntz, certainly support this theory. The video shows Runtz trying to grab his owner’s attention by chewing on her bracelet. When she shakes him off, Runtz, clearly displeased, lets out a moan in her direction.


The video takes a humorous turn when a man off camera tells Runtz to “shut up,” to which the dog responds with a brief moan. Some viewers were convinced that Runtz had said “no” or even “damn” in response, though it’s hard to confirm.

What’s undeniable, however, is that Runtz is going through a phase. As stated in the video’s caption, Runtz is in his “teenage stage” and has “started talking back” to his owners.

This sort of behavior didn’t surprise some viewers. One commented, “My huskies would go all day to get the last word,” while another shared, “I got a sassy and mouthy blue heeler and a sweet lil black lab who likes to do stompies when he’s mad.”

Others chimed in with their own experiences, “I got a chocolate lab that lovesss to throw hands when he doesnt get his way,” and “His face at the end kills me.” One user humorously noted, “They really do be talking back like they pay the bills or something.”

While Runtz’s owners might be finding his rebellious phase a bit challenging, they can take comfort in the fact that, as with human teenagers, this phase doesn’t last forever. However, one dog owner shared a different experience, “My dog got stuck in this stage,” they wrote. “He’s like four.”