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Homeowners Hear Noises In Attic And Find A Tiny Family



Quick Smiles:

  • Homeowners in Plantation, Florida discover four orphaned raccoon kits in their attic.
  • South Florida Wildlife Center rescues the raccoons and helps them grow and thrive for six months.
  • The raccoon kits are successfully released back into the wild, ready to contribute to the ecosystem.

Sometimes, the most unexpected guests can bring a little joy into our lives. Late last year, a family in Plantation, Florida, started hearing peculiar noises coming from their attic. Curious and concerned, they decided to investigate and were surprised to find four orphaned raccoon kits living right above them.

Not wanting to leave the tiny critters to fend for themselves, the homeowners quickly contacted the South Florida Wildlife Center for assistance. “We knew we were their only hope for survival,” said Carolina Montano, the center’s director of outreach.

An experienced rescuer from the center arrived on the scene, climbed up to the roof with a ladder, and carefully placed each raccoon kit into a net. Once all four were safely on the ground, they were transferred to an animal carrier for transport to the wildlife center.

At the center, the raccoon kits were given everything they needed to grow strong and healthy. After six months of care and attention, the rescuers knew it was time for the raccoons to return to their natural habitat. “They continued to develop properly and stayed healthy for the entire six months that they were in our care,” Montano shared.


Homeowners discovered four baby raccoons (22-8582) on the roof after they were unintentionally separated from their mom. With no way to reunite the family, these orphaned babies were brought to the center for rehabilitation. Stay tuned to see how these little kits grow! 🦝 #raccoon #wildliferehab #wildlifehospital #wildlifeeducation #wildlife #floridalivin #floridawildlife #southflorida #mammal #cuteanimal #broward #miamidade #southfloridawildlife #trending #explore #fyp #foryoupage #parati

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Now back among the grass and trees, this little raccoon family is doing what they do best – being wild and free. The rescuers at the South Florida Wildlife Center are hopeful for their future, as Montano expressed, “We hope they will continue to develop into healthy adults and continue to care for the ecosystem as an integral part of it.”