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Hop On Board: Bunny Enjoys Relaxing Walk in His Stroller [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Walter, a delightful bunny, takes a relaxing ride in a stroller, delighting viewers with a video of his jaunt.
  • Rabbits have fast heart rates and are easily scared, so strollers provide a safe and secure alternative to traditional walks.
  • Walter’s responsible owner ensures he wears a harness during the ride, keeping him anchored and safe during his enjoyable outing. 🐰🛍️🌤️

Everyone loves a good walk, including our pets. But did you ever consider taking your rabbit for a stroll in a stroller? Well, that’s precisely what happened with a little bunny named Walter.

On Monday, August 28th, the internet got a dose of sheer cuteness when a video surfaced of Walter, the rabbit, enjoying his time in a stroller, harness and all.

The clip shows him sitting back and soaking in the sights, wind fluttering through his fur:

The sight is so delightful that one couldn’t help but muse, “If someone came to me right now and said that I had the option to be a bunny in a stroller while the wind blows through my fur like @itswalterhops, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

While it might be a surprising sight to some, there’s practicality behind this adorable scene. Bunnies, although cute and cuddly, can be easily frightened.


Their fast heart rates (a resting rate of around 140bpm) can shoot up with any sudden scare, and prolonged stress could even lead to cardiac issues.

Keeping them in a stroller, slightly elevated from the ground, ensures they’re distanced from potential threats, providing both safety and comfort.

Furthermore, Walter’s harness ensures he stays safely anchored in his stroller. A responsible decision from a conscientious pet-parent: because a bunny hopping away would be far less charming.

And, if there were any sudden scares—a loud noise or an overhead bird—Walter’s protective owner could quickly shield him by closing the stroller’s canopy, ensuring he feels safe and snug.

All in all, it’s a heartwarming sight to see Walter, the rabbit, basking in the simple pleasures of life, safely tucked into his stroller.