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Kind Stranger Helps Senior Citizen After Months Without A/C [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Heatwave at Home: Peggy Moore, a 75-year-old from Kansas City, endured scorching temperatures inside her home due to a non-functional A/C, even after paying $5,000 for its repair.
  • Chilly Rescuer: Harry Frame from Service 1st Contractors stepped in after Peggy’s plea on Fox 4, fixing her A/C for free and melting her heart in the process.
  • A Refreshing Message: Both Peggy and Harry emphasized the importance of kindness and community support, proving that every little act can make a world of difference.

Peggy Moore of Kansas City was in a hot spot – quite literally.

The 75-year-old had been battling soaring temperatures in her home for months due to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

Even more frustrating, she had paid $5,000 in February to a repairman, Gregg Fowler, to mend the issue.

The sweltering summer days turned her abode into a sauna, and despite numerous pleas, Fowler seemed to have ghosted her.

Unable to handle the unbearable heat and concerned for her well-being, Peggy reached out to Fox 4 Problem Solvers.

Although Fowler did resurface claiming he had replaced her A/C unit, Peggy’s home remained blisteringly hot.

But, just when things seemed to reach a boiling point, a knight in shining armor – in the form of an HVAC technician – arrived on the scene.


Harry Frame of Service 1st Contractors became Peggy’s cooling savior. He rectified the A/C issue, and the best part?

He didn’t charge her a dime.

His generosity was a breath of fresh air for Peggy, who felt rejuvenated not just by the drop in temperature but also by the restored faith in the goodness of humanity.

In a heartwarming follow-up chat, Peggy expressed her renewed belief in community love and support.

“I did a program last Saturday for senior citizens called somebody loves you and now I really believe in those words,” she told Fox 4.

“There are people in this world who are not meaning evil who care about you.”


She reflected on a recent senior citizen program she attended, aptly titled “Somebody Loves You.”

Thanks to Harry’s altruism, Peggy realized that the world still had pockets of kindness and goodwill.

Echoing the sentiment of paying it forward, Harry emphasized the need for more acts of kindness, especially in today’s challenging times.

“There is a lot of problems in the world these days so anybody can – that can reach out and just do a little good for somebody it needs to happen more often,” he said.

Watch Peggy’s story below: