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Lazy Dog Fakes Sleep to Avoid Walk



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  • A bulldog’s hilarious antics have left the internet chuckling as she pretends to sleep to avoid a walk.
  • The video, shared on TikTok, has already amassed over 900,000 views and 114,300 likes.
  • Users have shared their own stories of their pets’ amusing attempts to dodge exercise.

My dog is so lazy and hates walks 😂 watch her pretend to sleep when the dog walker came to get her today 😂😂 #dogsoftiktok #puppy #funnydogs #doglife #DogHumor #CuteDogs #pawsome #Doggo #woofwoof #petsoftiktok #PetViral

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Even our four-legged friends can have their lazy days, as one dog owner recently discovered. His bulldog’s comical attempt to dodge her daily walk has left the internet in fits of laughter.

The amusing tale was shared on TikTok by the user @connoryildirim. The video shows the bulldog casually strolling around the house until she hears someone at the door.

Upon realizing that it’s her dog walker, the clever canine quickly scurries to her bed and feigns deep sleep. The caption accompanying the post humorously reveals, “My dog is too funny, she was pretending to sleep when the dog walker got to my house.”

@connoryildirim further explained, “My dog is so lazy and hates walks, watch her pretend to sleep when the dog walker came to get her today.”


Not every dog is a bundle of boundless energy. Factors such as breed, age, health, and individual personality can significantly affect a dog’s activity levels.

Sometimes, however, there may be other reasons behind a dog’s lack of enthusiasm for exercise. It’s suggested that living conditions and health issues could also play a part.

The video of the crafty bulldog quickly gained traction on TikTok, attracting viewers from all corners of the platform. To date, it has received over 904,800 views and 114,300 likes.

The post has also sparked a flurry of comments from amused viewers. User emdeevee quipped, “She’s like ah damn would you look at that, I’m asleep.” Danielle Munoz shared, “My English bulldog is the same. She trembles when we say the word ‘exercise.’”


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