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Local Bear Finds Perfect Spot to Beat the Heat – A Residential Jacuzzi [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Amidst scorching heatwaves across the US, a bear found an unusual way to cool off, by sneaking into a woman’s backyard in California and enjoying a dip in her jacuzzi.
  • Despite the homeowner’s surprise and the arrival of the police, the bear continued to relax, unfazed, and later retreated to a nearby tree.
  • The homeowner, Diana Lewis, noted the incident was not a big deal, but emphasized the importance of discouraging wild animals from venturing too close to human residences.

As heatwaves continue to grip much of the United States, finding an escape from the scorching temperatures becomes a top priority.

In California, a bear has surprisingly found a unique way to fend off the heat – by taking a dip in a residential jacuzzi.

Last Friday, Burbank Police Department was notified about an unexpected visitor in a local resident’s backyard.

The resident, Diana Lewis, was drawn outside by an unusual ‘commotion’.

Much to her surprise, the source of the noise was none other than a bear, unapologetically enjoying her jacuzzi.

In a conversation with KTLA News, Lewis revealed, “Here he was, just having fun in the jacuzzi. Very happy.”

In an amusing twist, even the arrival of the police didn’t seem to bother the chilled-out bear.


Instead, he continued to relax, casually resting his arm on the edge of the pool, seemingly oblivious to the ruckus around him.

After his jacuzzi session, the bear didn’t immediately vacate the premises.

Instead, Lewis recounted, he casually ambled over her fence and settled in a nearby tree for a while longer.

For Lewis, the surprise visit from the bear using her jacuzzi didn’t turn out to be as alarming as one might expect.


However, she did emphasize that wild animals like bears shouldn’t be incentivized to venture too close to human habitats.

“I get it,” she stated, acknowledging the necessity of maintaining a safe distance from the wildlife.