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Man Discovers Unexpected Morning Visitor: A Standing Bear! [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Brian Jones of South Carolina was startled to find a bear standing on two feet and eating from his bird feeder.
  • The bear’s almost human-like posture and careful handling of the bird feeder made for a remarkable sight.
  • Following the unexpected visit, the Joneses decided to move their bird feeder indoors during times when bears are most active to peacefully coexist with their local wildlife.

On a routine morning in South Carolina, Brian Jones was set to commence his day when his wife excitedly called out, ‘LOOK!’ Little did he know, his day was about to get an unforgettable twist.

Just beyond their window, the Joneses discovered a large, dark figure casually standing on its hind legs, completely engrossed in a bird feeder’s offerings.

To their amazement, it was a bear, appearing to be nonchalantly enjoying a morning snack, just as they were.

“It’s pretty common in our area to have bear sightings,” Jones said in an interview with The Dodo.

“I thought this one was unique in that he was standing like a person.”


The sight was so unusual that Jones did a double-take.

The bear, not only making himself at home with the bird feeder but also standing as comfortably as a human would, seemed to be in no hurry to leave.

Remarkably, the bear displayed an almost meticulous etiquette as he dined.

“[He was] being very careful with the bird feeder,” Jones noted.

The amusing sight captured on video was shared online, leaving their friends in awe.

One friend responded, “I thought this was a person in costume at first!”


The spectacle concluded when the bear, seemingly satiated, dropped to all fours and ambled off into the forest, leaving behind a memorable moment and a bird feeder remarkably intact.

In response to the surprise visit, the Joneses have revised their bird feeder policy, choosing to bring it indoors during bear-active hours.

They believe it’s best to coexist with their bear neighbors peacefully, even if it means forgoing the occasional spectacle of an upright bear nibbling away at their bird feed.