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Mr. Fix-It for Hire: Couple Launches Successful “Rent My Husband” Business



Quick Smiles:

  • James Young, diagnosed with autism, leverages his unique skills to assemble and fix just about anything around the house.
  • Laura Young sparked the business idea after a podcast, leading to the launch of ‘Rent My Handy Husband’.
  • Offering discounts to those in need, including the elderly and NHS workers, the Youngs’ business is booked solid, spreading joy and assistance one household at a time.

It’s the little things at home that often go unchecked—the wobbly shelf, the unassembled chair, the unhung curtains.

But James and Laura Young are the dynamic duo swooping in to check off your to-do list with a flourish.

This isn’t just a tale of tasks; it’s the story of how one couple’s clever idea turned into a bustling business.

James, formerly a warehouse worker outside London, is the hands-on hero behind ‘Rent My Handy Husband’.

Diagnosed with autism, his knack for assembling and fixing without fuss or instructions is uncanny.

“He’s really good at building things and doesn’t bother with the instructions,” Laura says, noting his innate talent, possibly linked to his grandad’s legacy as a nuclear engineer.

When Laura, inspired by a podcast about a man making a living through assembling furniture, floated the idea of renting out James’s handy skills, little did they know it would become the community’s go-to fix-it service.


Laura’s Facebook and Nextdoor posts quickly drew in locals needing a helping hand, and James’s calendar filled up faster than you can say ‘handyman’, with bookings through November at $45 per hour.

James’s handywork includes a variety of tasks from TV mounting to painting and carpet laying. Laura manages the bookings and social media, while James travels far and wide to bring DIY dreams to life.

His pivot from warehouse work to full-time fixer was a natural transition thanks to the booming business.

But this enterprise isn’t just about fixing homes—it’s about fixing hearts too. With a personal understanding of the challenges faced by families with special needs, the Youngs extend a hand with discounted rates to the elderly, NHS and emergency service workers, disabled individuals, and caregivers.

“We know what it’s like to struggle for money or have to save,” Laura shares, underscoring the empathy at the core of their work.

As the festive season approaches, James isn’t just fixing things; he’s spreading cheer by installing Christmas lights for his clients.


It’s clear that the Young family has not just started a business but has stitched a fabric of support and service into their community.

Here’s to the Youngs, whose savvy, skill, and kindness keep them booked and busy, bringing practical magic into homes and lives.

See it for yourself below: