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Muddy Mayhem: Dog’s Hilarious Car Mishap



Quick Smiles:

  • A fun day at the park turns into a muddy disaster for Cheryl Cawston and her gundog, Albie.
  • Albie’s muddy adventure in the car results in a hilarious video that has gained over 756,500 views on TikTok.
  • Despite the mess, Cawston emphasizes the joy of having a dog and the importance of rescuing one.

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A delightful day at the park with her four-year-old gundog, Albie, took an unexpected turn for Cheryl Cawston. The aftermath of a muddy frolic resulted in a car ride home that Cawston won’t soon forget.

Cawston, who had forgotten to bring a towel for Albie, soon found out the consequences of this oversight. She recounted, “Albie was only inside the car for 10 minutes on the way back to our home in Norfolk in the United Kingdom, but that was more than enough time to wreak utter havoc.”

The black leather interior of her car was soon transformed into a muddy mess. It took Cawston “three hours to clean” after the incident.

After the muddy ordeal, Cawston captured a video of Albie, who refused to meet her gaze, having dirtied every seat in the car. Despite the mess, the video has brought laughter to many social media users. Since being posted on TikTok (@forevertrainingalbie), it has been viewed over 756,500 times and has received more than 19,500 likes.


Cawston shared, “We had just been out for a walk, and he jumped straight into the car and then refused to get out. But I’ve been so happy with how many views the video has gained already online.”

She added, “I just want to show the world how much love you can give a dog, even if they’re muddy, and I hope people see how important it is to rescue a dog.”

Dogs are known for their love of rolling around in anything, be it grass or a muddy puddle. This behavior might be a way for dogs to cover up their own scent or to pick up another dog’s scent. Sometimes, it could just be a simple itch that needs scratching.

Cawston’s car is now back to its pristine condition, but it might be a while before Albie gets to ride in it again. The TikTok video, captioned “Get a dog they said, it will be fun they said,” has delighted many users.

Since going viral in March, the post has received more than 800 comments. One user humorously commented, “Are you sure it was the dog …he looks innocent to me.” Another asked, “At what point exactly did you think opening the car door was a good idea.”

The video serves as a reminder of the unexpected joys and challenges of pet ownership. If you have funny or adorable videos or pictures of your pet, you can share them with us for a chance to be featured in our Pet of the Week lineup.



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