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Must See Video: Dog And Cats in Adorable Cuddle Puddle



Quick Smiles:

  • A video of a dog and two cats snuggling together has taken TikTok by storm, amassing over 4.8 million views in just three days.
  • Despite the common belief that dogs and cats are sworn enemies, a study shows that they often live peacefully under the same roof, even sleeping and playing together occasionally.
  • TikTok users have fallen in love with the adorable trio, coining terms like “cuddle puddle” and “snuggle puddle” to describe the scene.

In a world where we often need a little extra joy, a video of a dog and its two feline friends has become a beacon of delight on TikTok. The clip, posted by user @bflesher, has been viewed more than 4.8 million times since it was shared just three days ago.

The video begins with a message stating, “Things felt a little too quiet in the house,” as the camera pans towards a couch in a cozy living room.

A subsequent note across the screen reads: “Went into my living room to find them all snuggled up in a pile. How did I get so lucky for them all to be best friends.” The footage then reveals a dog and two cats laying next to each other on a blanket on top of a sofa. A hand is seen gently stroking each of the pets on their heads before the video ends.

The caption accompanying the post simply states, “pets are cute and I love them.”

While dogs and cats are often portrayed as natural enemies, an August 2020 study in PLOS One suggests otherwise. According to the study, “more and more often, dogs and cats live under the same roof” and “most cohabitations are peaceful.”

The research found that dogs and cats that live together often eat in different places and have different ways of interacting. More dogs were found to lick cats, while more cats were reported to ignore dogs. However, most dogs and cats were found to sleep together “at least occasionally,” as well as play together.


The study also noted that “although some body postures, such as the tail’s position, are interpreted differently by the two species, the greater proportions of dogs and cats show a relaxed response to several kinds of approaches of their roommate.”

“It is true that they speak different languages, but they seem to understand each other well and interpret each other’s approaches in the right way,” the study added.

TikTok users were smitten with the scene in the latest viral clip.

User Mary Ann commented, “That is a cuddle puddle,” while kidcurrent added: “This is called ‘snuggle puddle.’” Kristen chimed in with: “Awww that’s the best fluff pile!! You need to add one more dog-you know, to even it out.”

When Tanya asked: “I wonder who started the pile,” the original poster replied that “doggie is there first and middle cat will join her always.”

User sassy_lassie commented, “Looks like heaven to me,” and mo wrote: “I think this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Taylor added: “They’re doing this because of you, YOU. You have made a loving, safe, supportive, happy environment for them to be themselves in love without fear.”