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NFL Star’s Adorable Motive Behind Learning Sign Language for Touchdown Celebrations



Quick Smiles:

  • Seattle Seahawks’ DK Metcalf learns sign language and incorporates it into touchdown celebrations.
  • He took a class on American Sign Language (ASL) in college and is currently taking another virtual class.
  • Metcalf’s signing on national television has brought attention to the ASL community and inspired others to learn the language.

DK Metcalf, the talented Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, has a lesser-known interest in sign language. While attending Ole Miss, he took a class on American Sign Language (ASL) and is now enrolled in a virtual ASL course. Metcalf’s passion for sign language was recently brought to light when he had a conversation with teammate Boye Mafe, who had taken four years of ASL courses as a teenager.

Mafe taught Metcalf the ASL phrase for “stand on business,” a slang term meaning to take care of your responsibilities and put your money where your mouth is. Metcalf knew he wanted to use this phrase after his next touchdown. He got his chance during a game against the Cowboys when he scored an impressive 73-yard touchdown reception, running at a speed of 22.23 mph – the fastest by an NFL ball carrier since 2020.

In the end zone, Metcalf signed “stand on business” into the Amazon Prime television camera. Although his signing wasn’t textbook perfect, the message was clear and had a significant impact. Metcalf has received messages of gratitude from people who appreciate his efforts to learn and promote ASL on national television.

Metcalf’s curiosity and eagerness to learn new skills, such as playing the guitar, have led him to connect with a deaf instructor in Tennessee, Darrell Utley. Metcalf enjoys their interactions and seeing Utley’s smile light up when they communicate through ASL. Although they have never met in person, Metcalf hopes to invite Utley to the Seahawks vs Tennessee Titans game on Christmas Eve.


Metcalf is grateful for the opportunity to learn ASL and shine a light on the Deaf community.

He said, “I think it’s just great that I get to learn something new. I get to challenge myself to learn something new, and also just to bring light to a community who I didn’t know felt unseen or felt like they were being forgot about. Just shedding light on the ASL community, the deaf community to where more people are starting to learn ASL.”