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Nurse Fulfills Patient’s Dying Wish By Showing Up At Her Daughter’s Graduation [Video]



  • Sanja Josipovic worked as a nurse for a fellow Bosnian refugee who was at the end of her days.
  • She promised her patient that even after her she died, she would take care of the youngest daughter, help her through nursing school, and attend her graduation.
  • She was there at the graduation and the daughter is now her coworker!

Sanja Josipovic is a home health nurse with Northwestern Medicine in Winfield, Illinois.  For months, she worked with Sevala Habibovic who was nearing the end of her battle with breast cancer.  The two immediately bonded as they share the same Bosnia roots.

Sanja said, “We developed a close bond, like sisters really. She was a powerful woman, strong-minded. She wasn’t scared to die, she was just worried about her kids and husband.”  Sanja gave comfort and reassurance to Sevala.

At that time, it was Sevala’s youngest daughter that was her biggest worry. Edina was still young and in school.  Her fear was Edina would not finish earning her nursing degree without her encouragement and help. 

To reassure her, Sanja said that she would check on Edina even after Sevala passes on, help her get through college, and be there for Edina’s graduation ceremony.

Photo Credit: Edina Habibovic

Christmas of 2017, Sevala died. Keeping true to her promise, Sanja became Edina’s surrogate mom and kept tabs on Edina in the following years after Sevala’s death.  She even managed to bring back Edina’s spirits to finish her chosen path.  Sanja’s example of how she took care of her mom convinced her to go on.

Edina said, “I thought the medical field wasn’t for me. Then, my mom got sick and I had all the experience going in and out of the hospital.” She added that her mom’s death inspired her to go into nursing and hopefully leave an impression on somebody’s life like Sanja did.

Photo Credit: Edina Habibovic

So, when it was time to receive her degree from the Chamberlain University’s College of Nursing & Public Health in Chicago, Illinois, Sanja happily attended the ceremonies!

Edina said, “Sanja told me that my mom had her promise that she’d be there, take her place in the pinning ceremony, and always be there for me, and she has been.”

Photo Credit: Edina Habibovic

After that, she was also instrumental in helping Edina land a job with the Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.  Now, aside from being a surrogate honorary family, they are also coworkers!

Talk about keeping promises.

Thank you, Sanja! 

Source: Inspire More