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“Proud Dog Dad Moment”: Owner Teaches His Golden Retriever to Open Doors [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A video featuring Nala, a golden retriever learning to open doors, has charmed the internet, accumulating over 220,000 likes on TikTok.
  • The RSPCA advises reward-based training for dogs, suggesting that positive reinforcement with treats or toys can make the training process enjoyable.
  • User comments on Nala’s video range from humorous to empathetic, all sharing a common admiration for this smart and agile golden retriever.

With the undeniable charm of golden retrievers and a dash of dog-training wizardry, one proud dad has unleashed a viral sensation that is wagging tails and winning hearts across the internet.

The joyous occasion is immortalized in a video where Nala, the golden retriever, impresses online audiences by skillfully opening a door after receiving instructions from her owner.

Mimicking her owner’s hand gesture, Nala thrusts the door open, leading to an outburst of celebration captioned as “Such a proud dog dad moment.”

Golden retrievers, noted for their docile temperament, are known to be cooperative and trainable.

However, instructing a dog to follow intricate commands is no walk in the park.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) suggests that all dog training should be reward-based.


Dogs should receive a treat or toy after following a command correctly.

This method of positive reinforcement teaches them that following orders leads to something they value.

“The better the reward, the more your dog will enjoy training and learning!” shares the RSPCA on its website.

The organization also advises that training should start in a distraction-free, quiet room.

Regular, short training sessions are the key to preventing overwhelming the canine learners.

Patience, as demonstrated by Nala’s dad, is an essential trait as dogs, like us, all learn at different rates.


Nala’s brilliant demonstration of door-opening prowess on TikTok has generated a tidal wave of engagement.

The post, shared on May 3, has already gathered over 220,000 likes and prompted more than 300 comments.

A range of impressed responses swept across the comments section, ranging from a humorous “Our lab just slams her head into the door,” to the empathetic “My golden would never. A half opened door might as well be locked for him.”

With Nala leading the pack, it’s evident that the dog days of the internet are far from over!